Bluetooth switches, ice suits, double power meters, and other details of a pro Zwifter’s set-up

Pro gallery: The indoor arrangement of Saris | NoPinz founder Matt Gardiner

Matt Gardiner is the founder of the Zwift racing team Saris | No Pinz. While as many as 50,000 riders around the world are on Zwift at one time, few are as all-in as Gardiner. He’s logged 105,000km in the game, he runs a team that competes in Zwift’s Premier League, and he starts and finishes most of his multi-hour rides and races before the sun comes up.

He has built out his indoor set-up with gear to maximize power output, minimize body temperature, optimize team communication and interaction with the game, reduce humidity, and maximize the fun.

“The most important thing is staying cool with really higher-powered fans and a dehumidifier,” he said. “Ice packs come into play. In races where I have to do 430w for five minutes up a climb, you generate so much heat. The fans do most of the work, but throwing an ice pack on your back helps with perceived exertion. it just takes your mind off how bad your legs hurt.”

Take a look at the gallery below for his complete setup.