Gallery: 100 years of Columbus tubing and Cinelli bikes

Antonio Colombo celebrates company centennial with art exhibit that is just ‘an intermediate sprint.’

As the dust settles in Milan after the finish of the 103rd Giro d’Italia one art gallery owner is celebrating with a special exhibit that combines the bicycle in art. Antonio Colombo is nothing less than an industry giant in the cycling community as the president of both Columbus tubing and Cinelli bikes. But for decades Colombo has also been an avid art collector, and for over 20 years, the owner of Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea, a wonderful gallery specializing in modern and contemporary art situated about a mile north of where the Giro finished on Sunday. And it is here where he is overseeing a special exhibit Traguardo Volante: Cinelli and Columbus, Crossing the Line Between Art and Bicycle that celebrates the bicycle as a motif in art.