Gallery: 2021 U.S. Pro women’s national road race championships

A weekend of racing in Knoxville, Tennessee, brought together the fastest women in road bike racing in the United States.

After a year hiatus, the U.S.A. Cycling Pro national road cycling championships were hotly contested across three disciplines: individual time trial, criterium, and road race.

Olympians rubbed elbows — quite literally — with relatively new racers. There was even a mother-daughter duo on one squad.

Chloé Dygert once again showed she’s the woman to beat in the individual time trial, while veteran racer and two-time world champion Amber Neben proved she still has the power to make the podium. The two will head to Tokyo to race in the Olympics.

The criterium was a show of numbers by Fount Cycling Guild, but Kendall Ryan‘s attack in the final 800 meters of the Friday evening race demonstrated the supremacy of the L39ion of L.A. squad.

The road race brought out the best gravel riders to race against WorldTour racers, and in the end, it was Lauren Stephens‘ of Tibco-SVB winning attack that was the best on the day.