Gallery: Alexey Vermeulen won BWR CA on this unreleased Enve bike with unreleased Kenda tires

Enve launched Custom Road and All Road bikes last year. This is something different.

Alexey Vermeulen was on a mission at Belgian Waffle Ride California, pushing the pace and attacking until he was alone off the front to take the win. The other top riders on the day acknowledged that he was on another level. He was also on another bike than what Enve currently offers. What exactly that bike was, neither he nor Enve representatives would say.

“The Custom Road that we released a year ago wasn’t the end of our bike aspirations, and what Alexey won BWR on shows we’re committed to a greater future in bikes,” said Enve marketing manager Neil Shirley, a two-time BWR CA winner himself.


“We use our athletes for product testing, which is why Alexey was racing it. What better place to truly put a chassis and wheels to the test than the BWR course?” Shirley said. “We look forward to hearing his feedback, but the result is a great testimony already. We’re not ready to share specific details or launch dates yet.”

A quick glance at the bike however reveals a few new details. Check out the bike, his 40mm slick Kenda tires, his easy-grab bacon-strip setup, and more below.

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