Gallery: Ashton Lambie’s custom Lauf Seigla with 2.25in tires

The solitary member of the 'Sub-4 Club' said he was happy to have fat tires for the rough course at Wild Horse Gravel.

Ashton Lambie is the fastest man in the world over four kilometers. He set the world record of 3:59.93 in August, and won the world championship in the individual pursuit in October. So what does he ride for gravel? This year, it’s Lauf’s new Seigla gravel bike that has clearance for massive 2.25in tires. Oh, and the Seigla has a rainbow-stripe motif, too, because world champion.

Lambie came to Colorado this past weekend for Wild Horse Gravel, where he placed eighth. Lambie said he went hard for the first portion, riding in the front group, then “I shut it down when I realized I was doing 500 watts on these rollers and I wasn’t having much fun.”

After dedicating a few years to setting a world record and winning a world championship, Lambie shifted gears this year to do a gravel and mountain bike program with Jukebox Cycling and his own collection of sponsors, including Lauf, SRAM, and Zipp.

Lambie is part of the gravel and mountain bike Life Time Grand Prix series this year, with Unbound Gravel the next stop.

Take a closer look at Lambie’s Seigla below.