Gallery: Belgian Waffle Ride Cedar City

Dust and speed in Utah for the first big gravel event since March.

The inaugural Belgian Waffle Ride Cedar City was held in southwest Utah Saturday. Some 800 riders were registered for the event, certainly the largest gravel event since Covid-19 brought the U.S. cycling world to a standstill back in March.

Promoter Michael Marckx took a number of precautions, including requiring masks for all participants for certain areas: the start/finish, all the feed zones, and the neutral 4-mile rollout at the start.

In addition to the overall competitions for the 78-mile Wafer and the 125-mile Waffle races, Belgian Waffle Ride also had a few inter-race competitions, including King/Queen of the Dirt, and King/Queen of the Mountain, and Sprinter, each Strava-based for the lowest cumulative time on three segments.

Stan’s-Pivot teammates Keegan Swenson and Rose Grant won the Belgian Waffle Ride Cedar City.