Gallery: Classic bikes at Cinelli’s Milan headquarters

From classic double-triangle frames, to boundary pushing TT bikes, Cinelli has put together some memorable designs through the years.

Founded nearly 75 years ago, Cinelli has for many years been on the cutting edge of bicycle design, helping push forward materials, welding techniques, and frame designs.

The Italian brand’s expertise extends beyond bicycle frames as well, to stems, handlebars, saddles, and more. And along the way, the brand has pioneered many products that are taken for granted today including cork handlebar tape.

The rise of carbon fiber wasn’t the easiest time for the brand, but today the brand has found new life in a recent renaissance of steel bikes. We visited the brand’s headquarters in Milan, Italy, where we got a closer look at some of the interesting, innovative, and in some cases award winning bikes that the brand has created over the years that have helped it arrive at this moment in cycling history where steel is once more on the rise.

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