Gallery: Filippo Ganna’s Giro d’Italia time trial bike

Custom 3D-printed aerobar for the world time trial champ

The world’s fastest man will start the Giro d’Italia on something special.

Filippo Ganna will be rolling out of the Giro d’Italia time trial start house on a striking blue Pinarello Bolide TT, fit with a 3D aerobar built to fit him with his forearms tilted up.

Ganna’s Bolide TT frameset is a stock model, including all Pinarello’s swooping curves for aerodynamics and the brand’s distinctive style.

The paint isn’t stock. Ganna said he picked the color with the help of Pinarello owner Fausto Pinarello.

“It’s the like color used by Elia Viviani after Rio,” Ganna said, referencing the Italian rider who won gold in the omnium at the 2016 Olympics.

As Italian national time trial champion, running the Azzurro on the bike is well within his rights. But so too would he be with a rainbow motif, owing to his current reign as the world time trial champion. And, in fairness, his fork’s paint does nod to this fact.

Saturday’s opening time trial is short: 8.6km. Judging by his gear selection, Ganna does not intend to linger: his 11-30t cassette is paired with a 58t big ring.

Ganna said of his special bike, “we hope it can help me be lucky at this Giro.” Other riders will need a lot more luck — and a whole lot of horsepower — if they hope to beat Ganna in the opening time trial of the 2021 Giro d’Italia.