Gallery: Olympic men’s cross-country mountain bike race

Casey B. Gibson was on the ground to capture the action in the Olympic men's cross-country mountain bike race.

Mathieu van der Poel left the Tour de France before the first rest day, after wearing the race-leader’s yellow jersey for the better part of a week.

The Dutch star rider on the road— and a three-time world cyclocross champion — jetted from France to Japan to prepare for the Tokyo Olympic Games men’s cross-country mountain bike event.

While “MVDP’s” preparations were dialed in, his knowledge of the course was not; he was unaware that a ramp was removed from a rock jump, and as a result, he crashed on the very first lap.

Unfazed by the change in the composition of the race, Tom Pidcock of Great Britain, also a cycling multi-disciplinary master, raced from the front to win a gold medal in his first Olympic appearance.