Gallery: Ruth Winder’s Trek Checkpoint features wildflowers and 17th century poetry

Winder is targeting the Life Time Grand Prix in her first year of retirement from the WorldTour.

In 2022, Trek is supporting three cyclists as they embark on the Life Time Grand Prix, a six-race, off-road series that includes the Leadville Trail 100 MTB race and Unbound Gravel. While not an official team, Amity Rockwell, Ruth Winder, and Kiel Reijnen will all ride on Trek this season. Each of them worked with an artist at Trek to design a custom paint scheme for their Checkpoint gravel bikes. Here is a look into what their bikes mean to them. 

There are two things that mean a lot to Ruth Winder right now: “being home in Colorado and having a good time.”

Winder retired from the Women’s WorldTour last fall, and since then has been enjoying house projects, skiing, and baking — all at home in Colorado.

Her Checkpoint’s design was inspired by her favorite seasons in Colorado. Nothing says spring and summer in the Rockies like a meadow of wildflowers.

“At the time I was picking out flowers for my wedding, so it was kind-of on my mind,” Winder said. “I love spring in Colorado, I think spring and summer are the best seasons to be there. So, I thought flowers would be fun.”

Winder sent photos of Colorado wildflowers to one of the artists at Trek — Indian paintbrush, ox-eye daisies, and Columbines to name a few. What resulted was a veritable bouquet on each side of Winder’s fork, along with another cluster on the seat tube. Appearing randomly on the frame are single flowers, demarcated with a number that corresponds to a guide on the top of the downtube.

“They took the idea from a retro flower guide,” Winder said. “There are eight flowers. You can refer to the guide on the downtube for the flower, its modern name and Latin name. Then you can find that specific flower with its specific number.”

Winder’s bike is a summery yellow, and her jersey is navy blue, bursting with wildflowers.

On the top tube near the headset is a quote that Winder selected: “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.”

Winder said that her mom suggested it.

“I had sent my mum as message and said, ‘I’m allowed to put a quote on my bike and it has to be related to flowers or having a good time.’ She said ‘your grandad — her dad — used to say this all the time.’ I interpret it as seize the moment or be present, do what you can with the situation you’re in. That’s what it means to me.”

(Ed. note: The quote is from the poem “To the Virgins, to Make Much of Time,” written by English poet Robert Herrick in the 17th century.)