Gallery: Sunny Gilbert’s singlespeed national championship-winning Blue Norcross

Gilbert defended her singlespeed title at last month's cyclocross national championships.

Last month, USA Cycling crowned its new elite-level cyclocross national champions.

But amid all the hype for Sunday’s marquee races, the week of championship events leading up to that can be drowned out.

One event you may not know about, but which delivers massively entertaining racing, is the singlespeed cyclocross national championship, held the day before the elite competitions. As the name implies, racers have to choose one gear, deciding which parts of the course to maximize speed, and are stuck with it for the entire race.

Sunny Gilbert managed to defend her title and pick up another stars and stripes jersey. We got a closer look at her Blue Bicycles Norcross, converted into a singlespeed racer.

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