Gravel Locos: A race, a ride, a remembrance

A day dedicated to Moriah Wilson

On Saturday, May 14, some 1,500 riders descended on the tiny town of Hico, Texas for the second edition of Gravel Locos. The race was highly anticipated, with a stacked start list, and its position on the calendar three weeks before Unbound Gravel makes it of particular note, as well.

However, the homicide of Moriah Wilson some days before the race cast a somber, yet supportive, tone on the day and changed many riders’ reasons for toeing the line.

Marisa Boaz of Iowa and Jasper Ockeloen of the Netherlands won their respective races in the GL150 distance. Eight men sprinted to the finish behind Ockeloen, and his countryman Ivar Slik took second. Sarah Sturm and Jess Cerra rounded out the women’s podium.