The Bluetooth internal-hub shifter Rob Britton used to win Belgian Waffle Ride CA day two

Tom Boonen was promoting the Classified internal-hub system at Sea Otter. In California, Britton won with it.

Internal-hub shifting systems are nothing new on bicycles — my trusty Priority city bike has a twist shifter internally geared hub — but the new two-step Classified system with a Bluetooth shifter is relatively new. And a gravel race win on an internal-hub-shifting system? If that has happened before, I am unaware.

All that to say, former Tour of Utah winner Rob Britton winning day two at the Belgian Waffle Ride California on the Classified Powershift hub system is notable.

I love the wild west vibe that extends across gravel racing, from the myriad styles and formats of the events to the motley assembly of gear that can be found not just at the start line among the grouping of bikes but on a single bike.

To wit, when was the last time you spotted a CeramicSpeed Oversized Pulley Wheel (OSPW) System on a bike with Schwalbe G-One Allround gravel tires? Or an Easton single ring with Shimano road pedals? Or a gravel bike with an internal hub shifting system? Well, Britton had all that plus more on his Felt road bike that he raced to the win at the Belgian Wafer Ride, and to second overall in the Belgian Waffle Ride Dubbel Header, the two-day competition combining the 137-mile Waffle and the 77-mile Wafer.

Check out the gallery below on his bike, and visit our Belgian Waffle Ride hub for full coverage of this weekend’s action.