The Grind: The Mid South on a fixed gear? Meet Corey Hilliard and check out his bike.

A suspension post, a frame-mounted hydration reservoir, and a front brake - to make race organizers comfortable.

Corey Hilliard raced The Mid South on his fixed gear, and didn’t find it a big deal at all to tackle 103 miles of rugged and hilly gravel roads without the ability to coast or shift.

Hilliard, AKA “Corey the Courier,” has been riding a fixed gear off-road for 16 years, in addition to his many years working as a bike messenger on a road fixed gear in Philadelphia and New York City.

Hilliard was not the only rider on a fixed gear at The Mid South; for instance, Leo Rodgers, a one-legged cyclist, was also there, coming through the finish on his fixed gear at 8:30 p.m.

Hilliard is the 2015 fixed gear cyclocross world champion, with the tattoo to prove it. (VeloNews has galleries of the mad melee that is the singlespeed cyclocross world championships for 2013 and 2014, but, alas, not for 2015.)

At The Mid South, Hilliard finished the 103 miles in 7:49:54, which put him 34th in the 88-person singlespeed category. We caught up with him after the finish in Stillwater, Oklahoma.