Enve launches revamped SES wheel line

The super lightweight SES 2.3 and aero SES 6.7 are completely new additions to the line.

Photo: @jussioksanen

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Enve has revamped its Smart ENVE System (SES) wheel line.

Now in its fourth generation, the SES wheel line builds upon the brand’s mantra of ‘Real-World Fast’ and features new shapes and constructions that have been purpose-built for riding fast and light.

“This is really a refinement of what SES has been since day one,” said Jake Pantone, Enve’s VP of product and consumer experience. “Building wheels as fast and efficient and as fun to ride in the real world as possible.”

The latest SES collection features four wheel models, the SES 2.3, SES 3.4, SES 4.5, and SES 6.7.

The SES 2.3 and SES 6.7 are completely new additions to the line.

The SES 3.4 is Enve’s most popular wheel and the choice of many gravel riders. (Photo: @jussioksanen)

All of the models have hookless rims, which Pantone said is Enve’s new standard.

“We are done with hooks at Enve,” he said.

“By removing hook beads this allows us to get very precise bead seat diameters that do not vary. Early on we established a test that measured bead stiffness and bead diameters of tires to determine what is safe and what is not. We have since been working with tire manufacturers to work towards a standard. Today it is pretty rare that we test a tire and it doesn’t pass. Today all the main players make a tire that is compatible with our rims.”

The SES 2.3 is the first of the two new wheelsets in the SES collection, and the super lightweight hoop serves as Enve’s purpose-built climbing wheel. A narrow 21mm internal width keeps this rim as light as possible. At sub-1,200g, the SES 2.3 is the lightest wheel in this category.

The SES 2.3 (Photo: Courtesy Enve)

According to Pantone, the SES 3.4 is Enve’s “versatile, do-everything road wheel set. This is our most popular wheel,” he said. A new construction and laminate bring the same shape of the current 3.4 down to 1,390g, a 10 percent weight reduction over the current wheel model.

The 25mm internal width and wide hookless bead of both the SES 2.3 and 4.5 might suit gravel riders.

A lighter-weight SES 3.4

The SES 4.5 is another model that Enve has managed to shave weight off of. Now clocking in at 1,450g, the off-road capable SES 4.5 still features a 25mm inner rim width and a substantially larger wide hookless bead.

Pantone says this is the wheel that informed Enve’s 27mm tire development.

“We developed our 27mm tire for this wheel,” he said. “It outperforms most of our competitors’ wheels that are a good centimeter deeper at the speeds most of us ride on a daily basis. This is the wheel most people should be on who are looking for speed.”

Looking for speed? The SES 4.5 is your wheel.

In addition to the SES 2.3, the SES 6.7 is the other major introduction to the SES line.

“This is the results of a project we call the ‘science wheel,'” Pantone said. “We have the 7.8 that is popular in tri. There is that point of diminishing returns, when a little more aero adds too much weight. ‘Science wheel’ was the shallowest wheel we can build that achieves all the aerodynamic advantages.”

The SES 6.7 can be run with a 25mm tire.

The new SES 6.7 has a 23mm internal rim width.

Enve’s new SES wheel collection is designed for tubeless use only, and all of Enve’s tubeless compatible wheels, including the latest collection, are compliant with the current ETRTO (European Tire and Rim Technical Organization) tubeless rim with straight-sidewall dimensional standard.

Enve’s premium road hub sits at the center of each SES wheel. The hubs feature NTN full stainless-steel bearings, a lightweight design, optimized flange geometry for power transmission, and a durable 40t ratchet drive system. Introduced in 2018, Enve hubs also feature Perfect Preload, a technology that eliminates the need for bearing preload adjustments over time and ensures longer bearing life with greater efficiency.

Full wheelsets purchases from retailers will be specc’ed with Enve hubs, but SES rims may still be purchased as rim-only and built to any hub. Custom builds are available from Enve retailers and custom wheel build partners.

Like all Enve rims and wheelsets, the new SES line is manufactured at the Enve headquarters in Ogden, Utah, USA and is backed by Enve’s factory limited warranty which provides five-year protection against manufacturer defects in materials and workmanship. Enve recently updated this warranty coverage to extend to secondhand owners, as well.

In addition to the warranty, buyers are also protected by Enve’s incidental damage protection program. This program was designed to help customers replace products that are damaged while riding, racing, or transporting their products. Original owners of SES wheelsets who register their wheels are eligible to receive free rim replacements for the first three years and a prorated discount thereafter.

The all-new SES collection retails for USD $2850 and is now available through Enve retailers, distributors, Enve Ride Centers, and ENVE.com.

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