Strava End of Year Insights: Do you live in the fastest state?

Strava announces 2016 data. Which state has the fastest Strava rides? The most climbing? The longest rides? It's all in this detailed report.

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Cycling’s favorite social network and online community released its third annual End of Year Insights report this week, providing valuable data about cyclists in the U.S. and beyond.

Whether you love it or hate it, Strava accumulates an impressive amount of data on cycling trends each year that can be used to make cycling better for all of us. Some of this data helps streamline bike lane projects to make commuting more accessible. Other data is used to showcase the economic impact of cycling for small communities and local businesses.

The 2016 End of Year Insights data provides a glimpse into how often and how far we’re riding, what states are the fastest, who is climbing the most vertical feet, how men and women differ in their rides and routes, and more. So how do you and your state stack up against the rest of the U.S.?

How much are we riding?

Strava athletes logged around 45 million more activities than in 2015 and generated more than 60,000 years worth of cumulative activity time.

World totals
161 million activities uploaded to Strava (32 million from the U.S.)
180 billion feet of elevation gain recorded
3.6 billion miles logged
962,369 centuries ridden

Men vs. women

U.S. men
Average distance per ride: 22.3
Average speed per ride: 15.1 miles per hour

U.S. women
Average distance per ride: 20.1
Average speed per ride: 12.8 miles per hour

Cycling by the states

Fastest average speed

  • Louisiana: 15.2 miles per hour
  • Mississippi: 14.7 miles per hour
  • Florida 14.7: miles per hour

Hilliest rides

  • Vermont: 421 feet per ride
  • Montana: 383 feet per ride
  • West Virginia: 374 feet per ride

Longest average ride

  • Florida: 38.4 miles
  • Louisiana: 37.6 miles
  • Mississippi: 36.5 miles

Most activities logged

  • California shared 7.8 million
  • Colorado shared 1.8 million
  • Texas shared 1.7 million

The top cycling segments are located in Richmond, Brooklyn, San Diego, New York, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Houston, Sausalito, Long Beach and Key Biscayne.

Kudos = community

Strava measures its social community activity by the number of kudos given to praise another athlete’s activity. This year, Strava saw 1.3 billion kudos given worldwide, with 212 million kudos within the U.S.

[pullquote align=”right” attrib=”Greg Van Avermaet’s gold medal ride in Rio, the most of any 2016 activity”]12,444 kudos[/pullquote]


The U.S. saw a 165.3 percent increase in commuting during the summer months according to Strava data. May 12 was the biggest day for Strava commuters with riders logging 44,682 commutes in total.

127,913 commutes logged per week
Average commute time: 35 minutes
Average commute distance: 8.3 miles
Average commute speed: 13.6 miles per hour

79,879 Strava cyclists uploaded a commute on May 10 for the first ever Global Bike to Work Day. Strava says they saved roughly 514 tons of carbon emissions by not driving to work on just one day.

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