Mailbag: Horses, the ’10 Tour and racing Down Under

As a trail runner for over 30 years and sometime mountain biker I can assure you that trail runners never forget about horseback riders

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What a bunch of horsesh . . . well, you know

As a trail runner for over 30 years and sometime mountain biker I can assure you that trail runners never forget about horseback riders (see “Don’t forget the equines among us” in the October 16 Mailbag). We are constantly reminded they are there by the piles of feces and urine they leave behind.

Whereas I agree that we should all be courteous and yield right of way and abide by the rules of whatever trail you are on, I also believe that those of us on foot shouldn’t have to walk through the stench left behind by someone else’s animal. Horseback riders should be required to pick up what they leave behind.

Raymond Cook
Las Vegas, Nevada

On the nosey!

I’m very impressed with John Wilcockson’s predictions regarding the 2010 Tour route. With those snooping skills, he should lead the Operación Puerto investigation.

Kurt Desautels
Lakewood, Colorado

Somebody should, for sure. — Editor

Praise from Down Under

I just wanted to express my appreciation for the great coverage you have been giving the Jayco Herald Sun Tour both this and in previous years. I have some misgivings about its move from this time of year to its future scheduling close to the Tour Down Under, but these are largely nostalgic, and if it results in the race attracting deeper and stronger fields it can only be good for one, if not both, of the two premier cycling tours held in Australia.

Thanks again to Anthony Tan, Neal Rogers and your editorial staff for their coverage of this great event.

Henry Porter
Brownsville, New South Wales, Australia

P.S.: Thanks also for your ongoing coverage of safety issues and car v. bike incidents. It is incumbent on all of us who share roads, paths, and trails to treat each other with courtesy, respect, and care. And if nothing else the highlighting of cases such as that involving Dr. Christopher Thompson should give advocacy groups the impetus to embark on education programs to improve the mindset of drivers, riders, walkers and Rollerbladers.

An American in France

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