20 Questions: Team Sky’s Geraint Thomas

Wales Sports Personality of 2014 Thomas talks about "Downton Abbey," superhero powers, and cycling fashion faux pas


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Editor’s note: Team Sky recently asked Geraint Thomas to talk a little bit about what he’s like off the bike. Here are 20 not-so-serious questions posed to the 28-year-old who recently won the BBC’s Wales Sports Personality of the Year award.

Team Sky: Do you believe in aliens?
Geraint Thomas: I like to think there is something else out there alive. There’s got to be something.

TS: What is your favorite fruit?
GT: I love a good mango.

TS: What football [soccer] team do you support?
GT: I’ve got two teams; I support both Arsenal and Cardiff.

TS: Would you rather be really really big or really, really small?
GT: I’d like to be really small and fly up hills for a change, and not have to diet for six months!

TS: What historical period would you like to live in if you could go back in time?
GT: If I could go back to the time of “Downton Abbey” and be lord of the manor; I’d do that. But I wouldn’t want to be a servant.

TS: What was your least-favorite subject at school?
GT: Drama or art. I’m just not that type of person.

TS: What’s been your greatest ever day?
GT: Getting engaged! That will win me a few brownie points (laughs).

TS: What is your favorite board game?
GT: Pictionary.

TS: Where would your dream holiday be?
GT: I’m lucky that I’ve been to places like Australia through racing. I went to Florida recently which was really good — so somewhere in America like that would always be a dream holiday.

TS: What was your favorite subject at school?
GT: Definitely science. I really liked biology.

TS: What would you take with you to a desert island?
GT: A boat!

TS: If you had to be tied to a teammate for 24 hours who would you pick?
GT: I guess someone like Luke [Rowe] as he lives in Cardiff. He likes a drink and a good laugh.

TS: Do you speak any other languages?
GT: A bit of Italian from my time over there — but only really about bike racing. I couldn’t speak to anyone in the street.

TS: What is the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten?
GT: I’ve had crocodile and ostrich before. Also kudu which is like an antelope from South Africa.

TS: If you were a superhero what powers would you have?
GT: Flying I think. That would be pretty cool.

TS: If you could play another sport professionally what would it be?
GT: Well you’ve got football [soccer] obviously. There’s a lot of money there, but I think being from Wales rugby is pretty massive.

TS: If you could learn another language fluently what would it be?
GT: Spanish would be good so we could speak to the Spanish riders easier.

TS: What is the biggest fashion crime in cycling?
GT: No socks! Like when the GB pursuit boys didn’t wear socks. I was disappointed in Ed [Clancy] then.

TS: Do you have any pets?
GT: A little dog — a ‘Cavapoo’ called Blanche.

TS: If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?
GT: Just be naturally skinny …. Constantly 68 kilos [150 pounds]!

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