2008 Tour of Missouri Live Updates: Stage 4

10:21 AM: Tune in Thursday at 2:00 p.m. ETfor live coverage of stage 4 01:00 PM: Hello and welcome to live coverage of stage 4 of the Tour of MissouriWe join today’s 95-mile stage from Lebanon to Rolla in progress.

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  • 10:21 AM: Tune in Thursday at 2:00 p.m. ET

    for live coverage of stage 4

  • 01:00 PM: Hello and welcome to live coverage of stage 4 of the Tour of Missouri

    We join today’s 95-mile stage from Lebanon to Rolla in progress.

  • 01:00 PM: After much early aggression, a 10-man move has finally stuck

    We are at mile 53.

  • 01:02 PM: The men up the road with a 40-second gap

    Marco Pinotti and Michael Rogers (Columbia)
    Matej Mugerli (Liquigas)
    Darren Lapthorne (Sparkasse)
    Cam Evans (Symmetrics)
    Darren Lill (BM)
    Ted King (Bissell)
    Michael Creed (Rock Racing)
    Frank Pipp (Health Net-Maxxis)

  • 01:03 PM: There has been lots of early attacking

    Even Columbia’s Mark Cavendish got into the mix. He initiated a move with two men coming across. That got shut down, though, and a number of other small moves went.

  • 01:03 PM: At 20 miles into the race, Columbia’s George Hincapie found his way into a 5-man move.

    Of course Garmin-Chipotle wasn’t having any of that.

  • 01:04 PM: Marco Pinotti is in the break

    Pinotti, a favorite for yesterday’s time trial, suffered a frustrating mechanical early on in the individual event. He got a flat, then had trouble with the wheel change. He lost minutes as a result.

  • 01:06 PM: Toyota-United and Garmin-Chipotle are leading the chase

    Garmin-Chipotle’s Christian Vande Velde leads the race after a dominating win in the time trial yesterday. Toyota-United could be riding for their sprinter Ivan Dominguez, who found victory at the Tour of Missouri last year.

  • 01:08 PM: This is no tempo on the front of the peloton

    Toyota has the peloton strung out singlefile. Toyota wants this move shut down. They are not represented in the move up the road.

  • 01:10 PM: Current GC situation

    At the start of the stage, here is how the overall classification looked:

    1. Christian Vande Velde (USA) Garmin/chipotle Presented By H3o in 8.48:24
    2. Michael Rogers (AUS) Team Columbia in 8.48:45 at 21
    3. Svein Tuft (CAN) Symmetrics Cycling Team in 8.49:08 at 44
    4. George Hincapie (USA) Team Columbia in 8.49:27 at 1:03
    5. Vincenzo Nibali (ITA) Liquigas in 8.49:39 at 1:15
    6. David Zabriskie (USA) Garmin/chipotle Presented By H3o in 8.49:45 at 1:21
    7. Darren Lill (RSA) Bmc Racing Team in 8.49:46 at 1:22
    8. Tom Danielson (USA) Garmin/chipotle Presented By H3o in 8.49:48 at 1:24
    9. Danny Pate (USA) Garmin/chipotle Presented By H3o in 8.49:48 at 1:24
    10. Benjamin Day (AUS) Toyota-United Pro Cycling Team in 8.49:49 at 1:25

  • 01:10 PM: Break’s lead whittled to 30 seconds

    As Toyota’s turns at the front of the field take their toll.

  • 01:12 PM: Two riders hauled off in an ambulance

    After a crash back at the day’s first KOM at mile 45, race radio is reporting that two riders were carted off.

  • 01:14 PM: Garmin closing the gap to the break

    We’re at mile 60 now, with the gap just dangling to the break.

  • 01:15 PM: Break caught, Columbia counters

    Garmin ain’t having it.

  • 01:17 PM: Columbia ready for a fight

    Some had speculated that Columbia would be content to let Garmin’s Vande Velde have the GC, and instead just concentrate on stage wins with their ace in the hole Mark Cavendish.
    Columbia’s actions on the road today, however, say otherwise.

  • 01:19 PM: Crash in the field

    A few riders on the ground, but all seem to be getting back up okay.

  • 01:21 PM: Toyota-United and Sparkasse on the front

    Toyota’s Dominique Rollin is the current leader of the King of the Mountains.

  • 01:22 PM: We’re about to hit the third KOM

    Riders are popping out of the back of the field

  • 01:23 PM: Michael Barry (Columbia) goes clear

    But Rollin is right on his wheel, and now comes over the top for the KOM.

  • 01:23 PM: Field split over the KOM

    Vande Velde is in the front group over the top.

  • 01:24 PM: There’s a 10-second gap now

    There’s a group of about 20 who are clear. Race leader Vande Velde is there, but we don’t see many of his Garmin teammates in that group.

  • 01:25 PM: At mile 65 now – 30 miles to go

    Barry is leading the race with a Sparkasse rider. Only has a few seconds.

  • 01:29 PM: front group composition wthi 45-second lead

    Up the road we have:
    Rogers, Pinotti, Hincapie, Barry (Columbia)
    Vande Velde, Danielson (Garmin)
    Louder, Cruz and Wyss (BMC)
    Sven Tuft (Symmetrics)
    Tom Zirbel (Bissell)
    Andy Bajadali (Kelly)
    Dominique Rollin (Toyota)
    Tim Johnson (Health Net)
    Roman Kreuziger (Liquigas)
    Richard Faltus, Dirk Muller (Sparkasse)

  • 01:30 PM: Gap has grown to 1:20

    This is an interesting move here. Garmin can’t be happy to have just one teammate with race leader Vande Velde.

  • 01:31 PM: Average speed of 31mph so far

    It’s a hot one today.

  • 01:33 PM: Barry getting his money’s worth

    Besides working for his teammates, Canadian Michael Barry is at the Tour of Missouri to fine tune his form for worlds. Judging by the ease with which he is riding in the wind the last few days, that form is coming along just fine.

  • 01:35 PM: Three men trying to come across

    Thomas Rabou (Rabobank)
    Bernardo Colex Tepox (Tecos)
    Aaron Olson (Bissell)

    Are trying to get across. They’ve got a tough road to hoe, as there is some serious firepower in the front group ahead.

  • 01:36 PM: Three men are 1:15 back on the front group

    The peloton is another 40 seconds behind the trio.

  • 01:41 PM: The GC positions of the guys in the front group

    Michael Rogers (Columbia) at 21 seconds
    Marco Pinotti (Columbia) at 3:54
    George Hincapie (Columbia) at 1:03
    Michael Barry (Columbia) at 3:38
    Christian Vande Velde (Garmin) race leader
    Tom Danielson (Garmin) at 1:24
    Jeff Louder (BMC) at 2:25
    Tony Cruz (BMC) at 3:23
    Danilo Wyss (BMC) at 3:46
    Svein Tuft (Symmetrics) at 44
    Tom Zirbel (Bissell) at 2:02
    Andy Bajadali (Kelly) at 4:25
    Dominique Rollin (Toyota) at 2:39
    Tim Johnson (Health Net) at 7:22
    Roman Kreuziger (Liquigas) at 1:33
    Richard Faltus (Sparkasse) at 7:20
    Dirk Muller (Sparkasse) at 3:03

  • 01:42 PM: The lead is up to two minutes now

    Looks like this front group could stay clear. Mark Cavendish is back in the peloton.

  • 01:45 PM: Four riders attack the front group

    Looks like BMC, Kelly, Columbia and Sparkasse. Stand by for IDs

  • 01:46 PM: Peloton is wa-aay back now. The gap has exceed five minutes

    Four riders are clear of the front group:
    Michael Barry (Columbia)
    Richard Faltus (Sparkasse)
    Jeff Louder (BMC)
    Andy Bajadali (Kelly)

  • 01:47 PM: Here’s a better organized view of the GC of the riders in the front two groups

    Christian Vande Velde (Garmin) race leader
    Michael Rogers (Columbia) at 21 seconds
    Svein Tuft (Symmetrics) at 44
    George Hincapie (Columbia) at 1:03
    Tom Danielson (Garmin) at 1:24
    Roman Kreuziger (Liquigas) at 1:33
    Tom Zirbel (Bissell) at 2:02
    Jeff Louder (BMC) at 2:25
    Dominique Rollin (Toyota) at 2:39
    Dirk Muller (Sparkasse) at 3:03
    Tony Cruz (BMC) at 3:23
    Michael Barry (Columbia) at 3:38
    Danilo Wyss (BMC) at 3:46
    Marco Pinotti (Columbia) at 3:54
    Andy Bajadali (Kelly) at 4:25
    Richard Faltus (Sparkasse) at 7:20
    Tim Johnson (Health Net) at 7:22

  • 01:48 PM: 20 miles to go

    The four men up front are driving it now. On these wooded, winding roads, they are well outside the view of the other 16 guys, despite the gap only being about 20 seconds.

  • 01:54 PM: GC of the four riders leading the race

    Jeff Louder (BMC) at 2:25
    Michael Barry (Columbia) at 3:38
    Andy Bajadali (Kelly) at 4:25
    Richard Faltus (Sparkasse) at 7:20

  • 01:55 PM: Toyota is on the front of the 16-man group now

    The gap is 1:30 from the front 4 to the 16.

  • 01:57 PM: About 15 miles to go

    This four-man move could stick all the way to the finish. Garmin only has Tom Danielson in the 16-man group to defend Vande Velde’s lead. It will be up to him to make sure Louder’s group doesn’t finish more than 2:24 ahead of Vande Velde.

  • 01:58 PM: Barry leading the four, looking back at his companions

    Bajadali attacks!

  • 01:58 PM: Barry immediately gets on his wheel

    The four-man group has temporarily lost its all-for-one, one-for-all cohesion.

  • 01:59 PM: Yellow jersey chasing

    Vande Velde is on the front of the 16-man group.

  • 01:59 PM: Barry attacks

    Louder marks him

  • 02:00 PM: Bajadali and Faltus trailing by a few seconds

    The leading two – Barry and Louder – are at mile 82.

  • 02:01 PM: Barry going full stick now

    Louder is hanging on to Columbia’s Canadian motorbike.

  • 02:02 PM: Louder pulls through

    Barry takes a rest. Now the two are talking, riding side by side.

  • 02:03 PM: Bajadali and Faltus can see Louder and Barry

    But they’re not gaining any ground. Behind, the 16-man group is riding a steady tempo, about 1:30 back.

  • 02:04 PM: Vande Velde may have to work for it today

    He’s riding right behind George Hincapie near the front of the group.

  • 02:06 PM: Barry and Louder lead Bajadali and Faltus by about 15 seconds

    The yellow jersey is 1:30 back. Louder is 2:25 down on Vande Velde in the GC. Barry is 3:38.
    But right now, the men up front aren’t thinking GC; they’re thinking stage win.

  • 02:08 PM: Danielson on the front of the yellow jersey group

    Sparkasse is riding, too.

  • 02:09 PM: We are at 86 miles now

    Just 9 miles to go. Barry is towing Louder.

  • 02:13 PM: So how are we going to play here?

    Barry and Louder are looking back, sizing up their gap and one another. With 8 miles to go, they can’t afford to start playing games just yet. The 16-man group is holding the gap at about 1:30.

  • 02:13 PM: Remember the peloton?

    The group of 16 doesn’t. The main group may have stopped for lunch. They’re at least 10 minutes behind.

  • 02:14 PM: Barry goes!

    Louder is dropped.

  • 02:15 PM: Louder has his head down

    Barry does, too, but for other reasons. Michael Barry is riding for Columbia’s third stage win of the Tour of Missouri now.

  • 02:16 PM: Jeff Louder is an on-form rider

    He just won the Tour of Utah in August. The fact he just got dropped is testament to the strength of ProTour-level riders like Barry.

  • 02:17 PM: Coming into 5 miles to go

    Barry is full stick, but looking comfortable.

  • 02:18 PM: Barry is ducking and dodging around the Rolla circuit now

    He will have two laps to go when he crosses the line here soon.

  • 02:19 PM: Bajadali and Faltus have been absorbed by the yellow jersey group

    Danielson is on the front for Vande Velde.

  • 02:19 PM: And Barry goes under the 1km to go kite.

    That’s 1km to go for the start of two final laps, not the actual finish.

  • 02:20 PM: Barry is 3:38 down on GC

    So this is no threat to Vande Velde’s lead today.

  • 02:21 PM: Now the 18-man group hits the 1km kite

    Up ahead, Barry has two 2.1-mile circuits left to ride.

  • 02:22 PM: Louder is still dangling

    Between Barry and the yellow jersey group.

  • 02:23 PM: Barry’s gap is 1:10

    Were it the full peloton behind, Barry probably wouldn’t survive. However, since it’s not a huge group riding for sprinters, but instead a small group of the GC guys, Barry’s chances look good. We’ll see.

  • 02:24 PM: Barry hits the 1km kite again

    Coming up on one final lap to go.

  • 02:25 PM: 2.1 miles to go for Barry

    Just one more lap now.

  • 02:26 PM: Vande Velde is looking nice and comfortable in the chase group

    Danielson has taken care of his team leader today. Vande Velde will keep the leader’s jersey tonight.

  • 02:28 PM: Louder is back in the chase group now

    But you don’t know until you try, right?

  • 02:28 PM: Barry sees the REAL 1km to go now.

    We have some aggression in the front group.

  • 02:29 PM: Vande Velde is following wheels

    Some guys are coming off the back of the 19-man group.

  • 02:30 PM: And here comes Barry up to the line


  • 02:30 PM: He’s looking pleased with the win

    And equally pleased to not be pedaling anymore…

  • 02:31 PM: Here comes the sprint for second

    A Sparkasse rider took the bunch sprint, and Vande Velde may have been right behind.

  • 02:32 PM: Barry wins, Baumann second, Vande Velde third?

    Or was that BMC’s Tony Cruz nipping him at the line? Stand by for confirmation.

  • 02:35 PM: GC rough estimate

    Our quick scribble of math has the overall race looking something like this:

    1. Christian Vande Velde (Garmin) race leader
    2. Michael Rogers (Columbia) at 25 seconds
    3. Svein Tuft (Symmetrics) at 49
    4. George Hincapie (Columbia) at 1:08
    5. Tom Danielson (Garmin) at 1:28
    6. Roman Kreuziger (Liquigas) at 1:37
    7. Tom Zirbel (Bissell) at 2:06
    8. Jeff Louder (BMC) at 2:29
    9. Dominique Rollin (Toyota) at 2:43
    10. Dirk Muller (Sparkasse) at 3:07

  • 02:36 PM: Correction: BMC’s Wyss third, Vande Velde fourth

    Since our last GC calculation accounted for the 4-second time bonus for third, we’ll do the math again.

  • 02:38 PM: How about THIS GC sketch?

    Presuming that each of these men finished in the front group, and weren’t among those few riders sitting up in the final circuit, here is what GC should look like:

    1.Christian Vande Velde (Garmin) race leader
    2.Michael Rogers (Columbia) at 21 seconds
    3. Svein Tuft (Symmetrics) at 44
    4. George Hincapie (Columbia) at 1:03
    5. Tom Danielson (Garmin) at 1:24
    6. Roman Kreuziger (Liquigas) at 1:33
    7. Tom Zirbel (Bissell) at 2:02
    8. Jeff Louder (BMC) at 2:25
    9. Dominique Rollin (Toyota) at 2:39
    10. Dirk Muller (Sparkasse) at 3:03

  • 02:39 PM: That’s all, folks!

    That’s all for now. Thanks for following along for stage 4 of the Tour of Missouri with VeloNews.com. Check back soon for a complete report, full results and photography.

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