2008 Tour of Missouri Live Updates: Stage 5

11:16 AM: Tune in Friday at 5:30 p.m. Easternfor live coverage of stage 5 04:27 PM: Hello and welcomeTo VeloNews.com's live coverage of stage 5 of the Tour of Missouri, a 109-mile stage from St. James to Jefferson City. We join the race at mile 60. A 12-man break is up the rode with about a 3-minute lead on the peloton.

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  • 11:16 AM: Tune in Friday at 5:30 p.m. Eastern

    for live coverage of stage 5

  • 04:27 PM: Hello and welcome

    To VeloNews.com’s live coverage of stage 5 of the Tour of Missouri, a 109-mile stage from St. James to Jefferson City. We join the race at mile 60. A 12-man break is up the rode with about a 3-minute lead on the peloton.

  • 04:28 PM: The recap so far

    After the requisite attacks and counters early on, the 12-man move got established about 20 miles into the day. Most teams except Garmin-Chiptole and Sparkasse are represented in the move.

  • 04:29 PM: The composition of the break

    Mark Cavendish (Columbia)
    Gianni Da Ros (Liquigas)
    Michael Van Stayen (Rabobank)
    Lui Alfredo Gutierrez Colunga (Tecos)
    Darren Lill (BMC)
    Michael Creed (Rock Racing)
    Caleb Manion (Toyota-United)
    Chris Wherry (Toyota-United)
    Kyle Gritters (Health Net-Maxxis)
    Luis Amaran (Colavita-Sutter Home)
    David Veilleux (Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast)
    Brent Bookwalter (BMC)

  • 04:31 PM: Jelly Belly is currently leading the chase

    With Sparkasse up there, too. Garmin-Chipotle, with their man Christian Vande Velde in the leader’s jersey, is keeping a cautious eye on things, but isn’t sweating the break at the moment, as the highest place man on GC (BMC’s Darren Lill) is more than 19 minutes down.

  • 04:31 PM: Speaking of GC, here are the places and times of the men in the break

    25. Darren Lill (BMC) at 19:09
    32. Brent Bookwalter (BMC) at 20:21
    33. Chris Wherry (Toyota-United) at 20:26
    34. Luis Amaran (Colavita-Sutter Home) at 20:27
    42. Michael Creed (Rock Racing) at 21:30
    45. Mark Cavendish (Columbia) at 21:40
    71. Lui Alfredo Gutierrez Colunga (Tecos) at 23:59
    75. Gianni Da Ros (Liquigas) at 24:10
    78. Caleb Manion (Toyota-United) at 24:21
    82. Michael Van Stayen (Rabobank) at 25:00
    98. David Veilleux (Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast) at 27:57
    101. Kyle Gritters (Health Net-Maxxis) at 28:29

  • 04:34 PM: There is only one KOM today, and that’s coming up at mile 70

    We are at mile 65 now. Toyota-United’s Dominique Rollin has a commanding lead of the KOM competition with 24 points. Health Net’s Frank Pipp is second with 15 points.

  • 04:34 PM: We have already hit the two intermediate sprints of the day

    With Cavendish in the 12-man group that was clear through both of those sprints, who do you think was first across the line?

  • 04:38 PM: Similarly, if this group comes to the line, who do you think will win?

    Of course, while Cavendish would love for the group to ride cohesively all the way to the line, his breakaway companions will be wanting to get get rid of the sprinter before the line.

  • 04:38 PM: Speaking of…

    Cavendish is slipping off the back of the group on the rollers up to the KOM now.

  • 04:39 PM: Cavendish claws back on to the break

    Hard to tell what was going on there. Maybe he just needed a little fresh air.

  • 04:40 PM: The break’s gap is down to 2:30

    The maximum lead was about 5 minutes.

  • 04:42 PM: Still muggy on the road, with clouds threatening

    We started today in St. James, a little red brick town of about 4,000 people. Like a lot of Missouri, it can’t decide whether it’s in the Midwest or the West. Or WE can’t decide, anyway. It was hard to find WiFi or a Starbucks, but it’s Frogleg Friday at the CountryMart. We are told they are good-deep fried.

  • 04:43 PM: Damage report from yesterday

    Columbia’s Craig Lewis got a quite a few cuts and scrapes yesterday, got some stitches on his elbow and flew home this morning. His teammate John Devine broke his collarbone and also left today.

  • 04:43 PM: Veilleux keeps his injury under wraps

    Kelly Benefit’s David Veilleux is racing with shoe covers. He sprained his right ankle in the TT when he dropped his bottle into his rear wheel and crashed. He says he’s fine riding but walking hurts – and his feet sweat a lot with all the tape.

  • 04:46 PM: Cavendish pulling through in the break now

    As we pass through St. Thomas.

  • 04:47 PM: Caleb Manion and Chris Wherry go 1-2 on the KOM

    Scooping up the KOM points in defense of their teammate Dominique Rollin’s KOM jersey.

  • 04:55 PM: Bissell and Jelly Belly helping drive the chase

    Sparkasse is up there, too, with Garmin-Chipotle tucked in behind them.

  • 04:56 PM: There are a ton of fans out on the course today

    It makes it a little difficult to pull over and, um, take a natural break. But it’s great to see so many people out.

  • 04:57 PM: Mile 75 now

    The gap is hovering at two minutes from the 12-man group to the peloton.

  • 05:03 PM: Red, black and white all over

    The American Bissell squad and the German Sparkasse outfit are giving it on the front of the field now, bringing the gap under two minutes.

  • 05:04 PM: The rollers are relentless

    No big climbs, but the roads are constantly going up and down, up and down.

  • 05:05 PM: The commissaires are pulling vehicles out of the gap now

    Which is never what the guys in the break want to hear, as it means the gap is closing down on them.

  • 05:09 PM: Jelly Belly is up on the front now, too

    Missouri homeboy Brad Huff is their man. He is well versed on races these roads, including the hilly run-in to the finish today in the state capital.

  • 05:11 PM: And Huff can sprint

    Remember it was Brad Huff who took the jersey at the U.S. national criterium championship in Downers Grove in 2006, the year after he won the elite (Cat. 1) title on the same course. He was riding for Slipstream in 2006.

  • 05:14 PM: 24 miles to go

    As we approach Taos. Huh. And here we thought New Mexico had the only Taos.

    Lill is looking strong in the break. Veillux, not so much. Maybe that ankle he hurt in the TT crash is starting to really get to him. Cavendish looks cool as a cucumber.

  • 05:15 PM: The gap is 1:15 now

    Bissell, Jelly Belly and Sparkasse are earning it.

  • 05:16 PM: The breakaway still working cohesively

    Riders are dropping back to take on supplies, but are otherwise all pulling through evenly, doing their share.

  • 05:21 PM: Who are Bissell and Sparkasse riding for?

    Jelly Belly is probably riding for Huff or Bernard Van Ulden or Nick Sanderson. Sanderson took third to Ivan Dominguez on a stage of the Tour de Georgia this year.

    Sparkasse has Eric Baumann, who has been right there behind Cavendish twice already in Missouri.

    And Bissell has Richard England, who took a stage of the Tour de Georgia this year ahead of Rory Sutherland and George Hincapie.

  • 05:22 PM: Field bearing down on the break now

    They’re almost within sight.

  • 05:23 PM: Lill attacks out of the break

    Veilleux goes with him. Shows what we know about him looking bad.

  • 05:25 PM: Lill and Veilleux have a good gap

    But two coming across.

    Rock’s Mike Creed and Toyota, looks like Wherry, have come across.

  • 05:26 PM: Four men now clear up front

    Lill (BMC), Veilleux (Kelly), Creed (Rock) and we think Wherry, but certainly a Toyota rider.

  • 05:27 PM: That is Chris Wherry

    Wherry and his three mates have a good tempo going now.

  • 05:29 PM: We believe the rest of the breakaway has been reabsorbed

    Stand by for confirmation, but it looks like the new situation is the four riders – Lill, Veilleux, Wherry and Creed – have about 35 seconds on the peloton.

  • 05:31 PM: 25km to go

    The gap is now almost a minute to the four leaders. Bissell, Jelly Belly and Sparkasse continue to drive the peloton. The rest of the breakaway is indeed back in the fold.

  • 05:33 PM: Sweeping up

    The peloton has pulled back two more riders from the original break.

    The Bissel and Sparkasse teams are still putting the hammer down in the peloton. We’ll get a time check to the four men up front ASAP.

  • 05:35 PM: Just around 1:00

    The four up front have around 21.5km to go, but they have just 1:00 on the main field. They are going to have to work for this one.

    Just a reminder about the boys up front. Here are there names and positions on GC:
    25. Darren Lill (BMC) at 19:09
    33. Chris Wherry (Toyota-United) at 20:26
    42. Michael Creed (Rock Racing) at 21:30
    98. David Veilleux (Kelly Benefit Strategies-Medifast) at 27:57

  • 05:37 PM: With 20km

    to go, our four leaders are sharing the work quite nicely. It’s what they need to do if they hope to stay away. We may, however, see some attacks as our leaders near the finish.

  • 05:40 PM: Sparkasse

    has put its full gang up front to drive the chase. The team is sponsored by one of Germany’s largest savings banks … heck even the Live Update Guy still has an account at the Goppingen Sparkasse. No, we won’t give you the accunt number for that one.

  • 05:41 PM: So it goes

    the four men off the front are 18m from the finish, but more importantly, they are just 38 seconds ahead of the peloton led by the German bankers.

  • 05:43 PM: A dig!

    David Veilleux makes a jump out of the lead group. He’s pulled back, but we can expect a counter … and Darren Lill tries.

  • 05:45 PM: David Veilleux and Darren Lill

    have a gap over Creed and Wherry.The Rock and Toyota fellas are sitting up.

    Up front Darren Lill is attacking. Are we going to see a repeat of yesterday’s finish?

  • 05:46 PM: Wherry and Ceed

    are back in the peloton.

    Up front the remaining attackers are fighting it out but the main field is coming fast. The gap is down to 15 seconds.

  • 05:47 PM: Other teams

    are moving up front. The chase is on as our two leaders course through quiet neighborhoods of Jefferson City. They have about a one-block lead on the peloton.

  • 05:48 PM: Health Net

    is moving up to the front of the field. The two leaders arejust seven seconds ahead of the field as they pass the state capitol building.

  • 05:49 PM: The catch

    is just about to happen… and there it is, as Lill and Veilleux shake hands and the peloton is all together.

  • 05:51 PM: Attack

    With six miles to go – two trips around a three-mile loop – Sebastian Haedo takes a dig. He’s caught and the Columbia and Garmin teams are moving up to the front of the field.

  • 05:52 PM: Garmin

    is driving it up front, probably just to keep the speed high enough to prevent more major attacks.

  • 05:53 PM: Columbia

    is now up front. We can expect that the team is working for Mark Cavendish. That boy can sure sprint.

  • 05:54 PM: Rabobank

    We see an attack from a Rabobank rider and he’s been pulled back before we could even ID him.

  • 05:55 PM: Three miles to go

    There is a new attack from Tony Cruz as the peloton crosses the finish line, meaning that we have one lap to go.

  • 05:56 PM: Cruz caught Pipp goes

    But the gaps are minimal and he’s caught.

  • 05:57 PM: A new attack.

    A Liquigas rider has a small gap, but Columbia is chasing hard and he’s about to be caught.

  • 05:58 PM: All together now

    With 1km to go, we will have a field sprint!

  • 05:59 PM: Matt Rice?

    Whoever he is, he’s attacking with 500 meters to go.

  • 06:01 PM: Oh BOY!

    With a 300 meter uphill charge to the finish, Rabobank’s Boy Van Poppel takes the field sprint!

    He edged out his own teammate, Michael Van Stayen, and Kevin Lacombe from Kelly Benefit Strategies.

  • 06:02 PM: Vande Velde

    Christian Vande Velde finishes in the main field and holds on to the overall lead.

    We’ll get quick stage and GC results ASAP.

  • 06:07 PM: The GC picture

    has not changed.

    The top three in the overall standings remain:
    1. Christian Vande Velde (USA), Garmin
    2. Michael Rogers (Aus), Columbia
    3. Svein Tuft (Can) Symmetrics

  • 06:10 PM: Our winner

    is Boy van Poppel, the son of Jean-Paul van Poppel and Dutch cyclist Mirjam Melchers. Daddy van Poppel was the sprint ace from the ’80s and ’90’s. Daddy van Poppel who rode for Superconfex-Yoko, Panasonic, PDM and Festina.

    Dad won more than a handful of Tour (9), Giro (4) and Vuelta (9) stages and the points jersey at the 1987 Tour.

    Genes do count, eh?

  • 06:25 PM: We will

    have a full report from today’s stage coming up ASAP, as well as photos from Casey B Gibson, results and news from Steve Frothingham.

    Be sure to turn in tomorrow for our Live Coverage of Stage 13 of the Vuelta a Espana. It’s gonna be a biggie.

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