Annemiek van Vleuten soloes to stage win, GC lead at Ceratizit Challenge

Olympic time trial champion powers away from overnight leader Marien Reusser to carry lead into final stage Sunday.

Photo: Photo Gomez Sport

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Annemiek van Vleuten (Movistar) rode away from the bunch with an emphatic solo win Saturday at the third stage of the Ceratizit Challenge by the Vuelta in Spain.

The world time trial champion put her solo skills to good work to drop the bunch, and power home the victory in the 107.9km third stage from Cabeza de Manzaneda to Pereiro de Aguiar.

“My performance today was a surprise that I wasn’t expecting,” van Vleuten said at the line. “I came here after a block at altitude, and I knew I was coming here not very well recovered, but the first two days of racing helped me, and today I was already feeling good.”

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Feeling good indeed.

Van Vleuten soloed home 2:48 ahead of the chasing Liane Lippert (DSM) and Katazyrina Niewiadoma (Canyon-Sram).

Following her TT win Friday, Saturday’s road victory nudges van Vleuten into the overall lead, now 1:34 ahead of overnight leader Marien Reusser (Alé-BTC).

“After the first stage, I thought we had lost all hope of winning,” van Vleuten said. “I didn’t want to at least try, because you never know. To win the overall in any stage race you have to have a very, very strong team. I knew if we were capable of isolating Reusser, we’d have a chance, and we did it.”

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The four-day race ends Sunday with another rolling 107.4km stage from As Pontes to Santiago de Compostela.

“Tomorrow will be another hard day,” van Vleuten said. “This isn’t the Tour or the Champs-Élysées. We’ll have to be concentrated to defend the leader’s jersey. The team is confident and I know we will fight for it.”

Ceratizit Challenge by La Vuelta Stage 3 Results

1VAN VLEUTEN AnnemiekMovistar Team2:41:53
2LIPPERT LianeTeam DSM2:48
3NIEWIADOMA KatarzynaCanyon//SRAM Racing2:48
4LONGO BORGHINI ElisaTrek-Segafredo Women2:51
5MACKAIJ FloortjeTeam DSM2:55
6VAS BlankaTeam SD Worx3:01
7CHABBEY EliseCanyon//SRAM Racing3:01
8CAVALLI MartaFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope3:01
9REUSSER MarlenAlé BTC Ljubljana3:03
10BALSAMO ElisaValcar - Travel & Service7:13
11HENDERSON AnnaTeam Jumbo-Visma Women7:13
12KOPECKY LotteLiv Racing7:13
13GÅSKJENN IngvildTeam Coop - Hitec Products7:13
14ZANARDI SilviaBepink7:13
15VAN DIJK EllenTrek-Segafredo Women7:13
16SANTESTEBAN AneTeam BikeExchange7:13
17GUILMAN VictorieFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope7:13
18MUZIC ÉvitaFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope7:13
19BRENNAUER LisaCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling7:13
20GARCÍA MaviAlé BTC Ljubljana7:13
21SANGUINETI IlariaValcar - Travel & Service7:13
22BUJAK EugeniaAlé BTC Ljubljana7:13
23MARKUS RiejanneTeam Jumbo-Visma Women7:13
24SMITH AbiTeam TIBCO - SVB7:13
25THOMAS LeahMovistar Team7:13
26MAGNALDI EricaCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling7:13
27KERN ŠpelaMassi - Tactic Women Team7:13
28PIRRONE ElenaValcar - Travel & Service7:21
29DRUMMOND MichaelaBepink7:21
30BENITO MireiaMassi - Tactic Women Team7:21
31STEELS ClaireSopela Women's Team7:21
32COLJÉ MaaikeMassi - Tactic Women Team7:23
33CANTERA InesSopela Women's Team7:23
34VAN ANROOIJ ShirinTrek-Segafredo Women7:23
35AMIALIUSIK AlenaCanyon//SRAM Racing7:23
36BIRIUKOVA YuliiaEneicat - RBH Global7:23
37SHACKLEY AnnaTeam SD Worx7:23
38LE NET MarieFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope7:23
39KRAAK AmberTeam Jumbo-Visma Women7:23
40LAIZANE LijaEneicat - RBH Global7:23
41HENRY HollyInstaFund La Prima7:23
42CANUEL Karol-AnnTeam SD Worx7:23
43ERASO IdoiaLaboral Kutxa Fundación Euskadi7:23
44MENDEZ IreneRio Miera - Cantabria Deporte7:23
45LUDWIG HannahCanyon//SRAM Racing7:23
46HARVEY MikaylaCanyon//SRAM Racing7:23
47GILL NadineBizkaia Durango7:23
48MOOLMAN AshleighTeam SD Worx7:23
49BERTIZZOLO SofiaLiv Racing7:23
50PATIÑO PaulaMovistar Team7:23
51OYARBIDE LourdesMovistar Team7:23
52GUAZZINI VittoriaValcar - Travel & Service7:23
53WILES TaylerTrek-Segafredo Women7:23
54MARTÍN SaraMovistar Team7:23
55ENSING JannekeTeam BikeExchange7:23
56MORENO MartinaMassi - Tactic Women Team7:23
57ROOIJAKKERS PaulienaLiv Racing7:23
58PIERGIOVANNI Federica DamianaValcar - Travel & Service7:23
59KOREVAAR JeanneLiv Racing7:23
60GUTIÉRREZ SheylaMovistar Team7:23
61KENNEDY LucyTeam BikeExchange7:23
62VITILLO MatildeBepink7:23
63GUDERZO TatianaAlé BTC Ljubljana7:31
64MALCOTTI BarbaraValcar - Travel & Service7:44
65ŽIGART UrškaTeam BikeExchange8:08
66SPRATT AmandaTeam BikeExchange8:29
67CROMWELL TiffanyCanyon//SRAM Racing19:13
68KIRCHMANN LeahTeam DSM19:13
69BORGLI StineFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope19:13
70PINTAR UrškaAlé BTC Ljubljana19:13
71JACKSON AlisonLiv Racing19:41
72BAUR CarolineInstaFund La Prima19:41
73PEREZ SusanaRio Miera - Cantabria Deporte19:41
74ESTEBAN CarolinaRio Miera - Cantabria Deporte19:41
75ESTEVEZ GaraziLaboral Kutxa Fundación Euskadi19:41
76LOPEZ EnaraTeam Farto - BTC19:41
77DEMEY ValerieLiv Racing19:41
78RODRÍGUEZ SofiaSopela Women's Team19:41
79JORDÁN DorkaInstaFund La Prima19:41
80LUTRO AmalieTeam Coop - Hitec Products19:41
81GILABERT ArianaBizkaia Durango19:41
82ISASI ZiortzaEneicat - RBH Global19:41
83BELOKI IrantzuLaboral Kutxa Fundación Euskadi19:41
84BERTOLD IsabellaInstaFund La Prima19:41
85NUÑO AidaRio Miera - Cantabria Deporte19:41
86MAOZ NofarWomen Cycling Team19:41
87GONZÁLEZ LucíaBizkaia Durango19:41
88MARTIN IsabelRio Miera - Cantabria Deporte19:41
89PEÑUELA DianaTeam TIBCO - SVB19:41
90KESSLER NinaTeam TIBCO - SVB19:41
91CARMONA MercedesBizkaia Durango19:41
92CRESTANELLO LaraBepink19:41
93SAVI PriscaBepink19:41
94IVERSEN AneTeam Coop - Hitec Products19:41
95CHRISTOFOROU AntriWomen Cycling Team19:41
96ERATH TanjaTeam TIBCO - SVB19:41
97DIDERIKSEN AmalieTrek-Segafredo Women19:41
98ALONSO SandraBizkaia Durango19:41
99MAIA MelissaTeam Farto - BTC19:41
100HAMMES KathrinCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling19:41
101LARTITEGI AmaiaBizkaia Durango19:41
102PUJOL CristinaTeam Farto - BTC19:41
103JASINSKA MałgorzataWomen Cycling Team19:41
104YONAMINE EriTeam TIBCO - SVB19:41
105LARRARTE EukeneLaboral Kutxa Fundación Euskadi19:41
106AMONDARAIN NaiaSopela Women's Team19:41
107HEINE VitaMassi - Tactic Women Team19:41
108SOET AafkeTeam Jumbo-Visma Women19:41
109ASENCIO LauraCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling19:57
110NEUMANOVA TerezaWomen Cycling Team19:57
111CORDON-RAGOT AudreyTrek-Segafredo Women19:57
112VAN DER BREGGEN AnnaTeam SD Worx19:57
113VAN DEN BOS JipTeam Jumbo-Visma Women19:57
114ROLAND LucianaWomen Cycling Team19:57
115KRÖGER MiekeTeam Coop - Hitec Products19:57
116ZÚÑIGA SilviaEneicat - RBH Global28:10
117BARRAINKUA AGIRRE AinhizeLaboral Kutxa Fundación Euskadi28:13
118MARTINEZ Elizabeth KatiaEneicat - RBH Global28:17
119DOMINGUES JESUS LilianaTeam Farto - BTC29:38
120SAIZ NataliaSopela Women's Team35:24
121VALSECCHI SilviaBepink35:24
122NELSON JosieTeam Coop - Hitec Products38:13
123BANLLES MariaSopela Women's Team38:13
124VIGILIA AlessiaWomen Cycling Team40:53
1VAN VLEUTEN AnnemiekMovistar Team6:10:25
2REUSSER MarlenAlé BTC Ljubljana1:34
3CHABBEY EliseCanyon//SRAM Racing3:20
4CAVALLI MartaFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope3:38
5LIPPERT LianeTeam DSM4:07
6NIEWIADOMA KatarzynaCanyon//SRAM Racing4:14
7LONGO BORGHINI ElisaTrek-Segafredo Women4:35
8MACKAIJ FloortjeTeam DSM4:46
9VAS BlankaTeam SD Worx5:07
10ROOIJAKKERS PaulienaLiv Racing7:30
11THOMAS LeahMovistar Team8:21
12SMITH AbiTeam TIBCO - SVB8:55
13VAN DIJK EllenTrek-Segafredo Women8:55
14MAGNALDI EricaCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling8:59
15MOOLMAN AshleighTeam SD Worx8:59
16AMIALIUSIK AlenaCanyon//SRAM Racing8:59
17SANTESTEBAN AneTeam BikeExchange9:02
18KRAAK AmberTeam Jumbo-Visma Women9:03
19MARKUS RiejanneTeam Jumbo-Visma Women9:05
20GARCÍA MaviAlé BTC Ljubljana9:06
21WILES TaylerTrek-Segafredo Women9:08
22MUZIC ÉvitaFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope9:10
23LUDWIG HannahCanyon//SRAM Racing9:21
24SHACKLEY AnnaTeam SD Worx9:32
25ENSING JannekeTeam BikeExchange9:34
26KOPECKY LotteLiv Racing9:35
27PIRRONE ElenaValcar - Travel & Service9:39
28MARTÍN SaraMovistar Team9:48
29BERTIZZOLO SofiaLiv Racing9:56
30HENDERSON AnnaTeam Jumbo-Visma Women9:58
31KOREVAAR JeanneLiv Racing10:02
32HARVEY MikaylaCanyon//SRAM Racing10:03
33KENNEDY LucyTeam BikeExchange10:06
34DRUMMOND MichaelaBepink10:06
35BALSAMO ElisaValcar - Travel & Service10:08
36GUAZZINI VittoriaValcar - Travel & Service10:16
37GUDERZO TatianaAlé BTC Ljubljana10:29
38GUILMAN VictorieFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope10:29
39BUJAK EugeniaAlé BTC Ljubljana10:44
40MORENO MartinaMassi - Tactic Women Team10:46
41KERN ŠpelaMassi - Tactic Women Team10:58
42LE NET MarieFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope11:35
43ŽIGART UrškaTeam BikeExchange16:04
44BIRIUKOVA YuliiaEneicat - RBH Global16:09
45PATIÑO PaulaMovistar Team16:09
46PIERGIOVANNI Federica DamianaValcar - Travel & Service16:14
47CANUEL Karol-AnnTeam SD Worx16:18
48OYARBIDE LourdesMovistar Team16:30
49CANTERA InesSopela Women's Team16:48
50SPRATT AmandaTeam BikeExchange16:55
51SANGUINETI IlariaValcar - Travel & Service16:55
52LAIZANE LijaEneicat - RBH Global17:05
53COLJÉ MaaikeMassi - Tactic Women Team17:07
54MALCOTTI BarbaraValcar - Travel & Service17:09
55MENDEZ IreneRio Miera - Cantabria Deporte17:21
56ERASO IdoiaLaboral Kutxa Fundación Euskadi17:42
57PINTAR UrškaAlé BTC Ljubljana21:10
58VITILLO MatildeBepink21:17
59STEELS ClaireSopela Women's Team21:20
60GÅSKJENN IngvildTeam Coop - Hitec Products21:25
61BRENNAUER LisaCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling21:33
62HENRY HollyInstaFund La Prima21:38
63GILL NadineBizkaia Durango21:52
64VAN DER BREGGEN AnnaTeam SD Worx21:53
65BENITO MireiaMassi - Tactic Women Team21:58
66JACKSON AlisonLiv Racing22:42
67CROMWELL TiffanyCanyon//SRAM Racing23:38
68VAN ANROOIJ ShirinTrek-Segafredo Women23:55
69GUTIÉRREZ SheylaMovistar Team24:01
71KIRCHMANN LeahTeam DSM30:28
72ZANARDI SilviaBepink30:35
73CARMONA MercedesBizkaia Durango33:51
74HAMMES KathrinCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling34:00
75HEINE VitaMassi - Tactic Women Team34:31
76BORGLI StineFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope34:41
77NUÑO AidaRio Miera - Cantabria Deporte34:53
78JASINSKA MałgorzataWomen Cycling Team35:17
79CORDON-RAGOT AudreyTrek-Segafredo Women35:32
80GONZÁLEZ LucíaBizkaia Durango35:36
81MAIA MelissaTeam Farto - BTC35:51
82DEMEY ValerieLiv Racing35:54
83ASENCIO LauraCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling36:17
84NEUMANOVA TerezaWomen Cycling Team36:31
85KESSLER NinaTeam TIBCO - SVB36:54
86ERATH TanjaTeam TIBCO - SVB37:16
87SOET AafkeTeam Jumbo-Visma Women37:18
88BAUR CarolineInstaFund La Prima37:54
89BERTOLD IsabellaInstaFund La Prima37:54
90ALONSO SandraBizkaia Durango38:12
91CRESTANELLO LaraBepink38:35
92ISASI ZiortzaEneicat - RBH Global38:39
93PEÑUELA DianaTeam TIBCO - SVB39:00
94LUTRO AmalieTeam Coop - Hitec Products39:07
95IVERSEN AneTeam Coop - Hitec Products39:08
96PEREZ SusanaRio Miera - Cantabria Deporte39:09
97LOPEZ EnaraTeam Farto - BTC39:42
98AMONDARAIN NaiaSopela Women's Team42:42
99KRÖGER MiekeTeam Coop - Hitec Products43:21
100LARRARTE EukeneLaboral Kutxa Fundación Euskadi43:48
101BELOKI IrantzuLaboral Kutxa Fundación Euskadi43:49
102RODRÍGUEZ SofiaSopela Women's Team43:56
103ESTEBAN CarolinaRio Miera - Cantabria Deporte44:29
104LARTITEGI AmaiaBizkaia Durango44:33
105ROLAND LucianaWomen Cycling Team45:04
106JORDÁN DorkaInstaFund La Prima45:09
107MARTIN IsabelRio Miera - Cantabria Deporte45:22
108DIDERIKSEN AmalieTrek-Segafredo Women45:48
109ZÚÑIGA SilviaEneicat - RBH Global47:03
110GILABERT ArianaBizkaia Durango50:56
111MAOZ NofarWomen Cycling Team51:18
112PUJOL CristinaTeam Farto - BTC51:34
113ESTEVEZ GaraziLaboral Kutxa Fundación Euskadi52:21
114CHRISTOFOROU AntriWomen Cycling Team53:06
115VAN DEN BOS JipTeam Jumbo-Visma Women54:42
116SAVI PriscaBepink55:40
117NELSON JosieTeam Coop - Hitec Products1:03:15
118MARTINEZ Elizabeth KatiaEneicat - RBH Global1:04:26
119DOMINGUES JESUS LilianaTeam Farto - BTC1:10:00
120SAIZ NataliaSopela Women's Team1:11:19
121VIGILIA AlessiaWomen Cycling Team1:16:18
122BARRAINKUA AGIRRE AinhizeLaboral Kutxa Fundación Euskadi1:16:40
123BANLLES MariaSopela Women's Team1:19:54
124VALSECCHI SilviaBepink1:27:50
1REUSSER MarlenAlé BTC Ljubljana32
2VAN VLEUTEN AnnemiekMovistar Team25
3CHABBEY EliseCanyon//SRAM Racing25
4LIPPERT LianeTeam DSM20
5MACKAIJ FloortjeTeam DSM18
6BALSAMO ElisaValcar - Travel & Service18
7NIEWIADOMA KatarzynaCanyon//SRAM Racing16
8HENDERSON AnnaTeam Jumbo-Visma Women15
9LONGO BORGHINI ElisaTrek-Segafredo Women14
10ROOIJAKKERS PaulienaLiv Racing14
11KOPECKY LotteLiv Racing13
12VAS BlankaTeam SD Worx10
13CAVALLI MartaFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope8
14JACKSON AlisonLiv Racing8
15LE NET MarieFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope7
16BUJAK EugeniaAlé BTC Ljubljana5
17DRUMMOND MichaelaBepink4
18GUDERZO TatianaAlé BTC Ljubljana3
19GÅSKJENN IngvildTeam Coop - Hitec Products3
20MARKUS RiejanneTeam Jumbo-Visma Women2
21ZANARDI SilviaBepink2
22VAN DIJK EllenTrek-Segafredo Women1
23GUAZZINI VittoriaValcar - Travel & Service1
1Canyon//SRAM Racing 18:47:56
2Movistar Team1:36
3Alé BTC Ljubljana3:19
4Trek-Segafredo Women5:57
5FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope6:36
6Team SD Worx6:44
7Liv Racing10:20
8Team BikeExchange10:56
9Team DSM11:11
10Team Jumbo-Visma Women11:25
11Valcar - Travel & Service12:48
12Massi - Tactic Women Team14:22
13Team TIBCO - SVB36:03
15Ceratizit-WNT Pro Cycling47:51
16Eneicat - RBH Global54:37
17Sopela Women's Team1:04:09
18Bizkaia Durango1:14:00
19Rio Miera - Cantabria Deporte1:14:42
20InstaFund La Prima1:20:45
21Team Coop - Hitec Products1:21:56
22Laboral Kutxa Fundación Euskadi1:28:38
23Women Cycling Team1:37:10
24Team Farto - BTC1:50:25

Results provided by ProCyclingStats.

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