Women’s Tour: Amy Pieters wins stage 2, Clara Copponi moves into race lead

Amy Pieters sprints to victory after 10 riders break clear on aggressive second stage as French 22-year-old Clara Copponi takes over the race lead.

Photo: Justin Setterfield/Getty Images

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WALSALL, UK (VN) — Amy Pieters (SD Worx) won the second stage of the Women’s Tour from a reduced bunch sprint beating Clara Copponi (FDJ-Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope) and Sheyla Gutiérrez (Movistar) into Walsall.

Pieters was part of a 10-rider group that broke clear from the peloton on the final of nine laps of a circuit on the outskirts of Walsall. With many of the big teams covered in the move, including SD Worx, Canyon-SRAM, Movistar, Trek-Segafredo, and Team DSM, there was little desire to chase it down.

After the break formed, it turned west and back into Walsall for the sprint finish. The group rolled into the town with over 40 seconds of an advantage over the peloton behind when Pfeiffer Georgi (Team DSM) jumped off the front.

Some hard work from Demi Vollering (SD Worx) brought Georgi back in sight with 300m to go but Pieters had to go early if she had any hope of taking the sprint victory.

“It was a hectic final. I think the whole final was pretty hectic, but in the end, there was an attack from a Sunweb girl, and Demi, my teammate, tried to catch her back,” Pieters said. “There was still a small gap after the last corner, but I thought I had to go, or otherwise you still lose. It was an early sprint but, otherwise, it went well.

“The whole day was really aggressive. I think we only had one lap where it was quite calm and from that moment we kept attacking from the team and, in the end, we went away with this group, and luckily, we made it.”

Copponi takes the lead

After finishing in third on the opening stage of the race into Banbury, Copponi jumped to the top of the overall standings with stage 1 winner Marta Bastianelli missing the move. Copponi and Pieters are currently equal on time, but the Frenchwoman has the leader’s jersey due to her better performance on stage 1.

Copponi is pleased with taking the race lead, but she wants significantly more from this race. After to road stages, the riders will take on a 16.6km time trial in Atherstone that is likely going to define the race.

“It was very hard out there, and very cold. I was cold all the race and there were lots of attacks,” Copponi said. “It’s incredible. It’s my second podium in a row at the WorldTour. It means a lot but I hope to take a win during this week so this isn’t enough for me. I’m very happy with today and taking two podiums in a row but I want more.

“[The TT] is not my favorite discipline but I’ll give my best and then we will see what happens. I’m ready to fight,” she said.

The Women's Tour Stage 2 Results

1PIETERS AmyTeam SD Worx2:38:03
2COPPONI ClaraFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope0:00
3GUTIÉRREZ SheylaMovistar Team0:00
4CORDON-RAGOT AudreyTrek-Segafredo Women0:00
5GEORGI PfeifferTeam DSM0:00
6CHABBEY EliseCanyon//SRAM Racing0:00
7BOOGAARD MaaikeAlé BTC Ljubljana0:00
8BIANNIC AudeMovistar Team0:00
9LABOUS JulietteTeam DSM0:00
10VOLLERING DemiTeam SD Worx0:00
11WIEBES LorenaTeam DSM0:42
12HOSKING ChloeTrek-Segafredo Women0:42
13VAN DER HULST AmberParkhotel Valkenburg0:42
14NELSON JosieTeam Coop - Hitec Products0:42
15ERIĆ JelenaMovistar Team0:42
16BERTIZZOLO SofiaLiv Racing0:42
17DUVAL EugénieFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope0:42
18CECCHINI ElenaTeam SD Worx0:42
19KIRCHMANN LeahTeam DSM0:42
20GROSSETÊTE MaëlleFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope0:42
21TACEY AprilDrops - Le Col s/b TEMPUR.0:42
22MOHR Mari HoleTeam Coop - Hitec Products0:42
23PALADIN SorayaLiv Racing0:42
24KESSLER NinaTeam TIBCO - SVB0:42
25MARKUS FemkeParkhotel Valkenburg0:42
26ROY SarahTeam BikeExchange0:03
27GONZÁLEZ AliciaMovistar Team0:03
28LIPPERT LianeTeam DSM0:03
29HARRIS EllaCanyon//SRAM Racing0:03
30BARNES AliceCanyon//SRAM Racing0:03
31BARNES HannahCanyon//SRAM Racing0:03
32BREDEWOLD MischaParkhotel Valkenburg0:03
33WRIGHT SophieAlé BTC Ljubljana0:03
34SMITH AbiTeam TIBCO - SVB0:03
35BALSAMO ElisaValcar - Travel & Service0:03
36LOWDEN JoscelinDrops - Le Col s/b TEMPUR.0:03
37CONSONNI ChiaraValcar - Travel & Service0:03
38BUJAK EugeniaAlé BTC Ljubljana0:03
39VIGIE MargauxValcar - Travel & Service0:03
40MAJERUS ChristineTeam SD Worx0:03
41MUZIC ÉvitaFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope0:03
42GRINCZER NatalieCAMS - Basso0:03
43PIRRONE ElenaValcar - Travel & Service0:03
44LIMPENS PienParkhotel Valkenburg0:03
45GUILMAN VictorieFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope0:03
46BASTIANELLI MartaAlé BTC Ljubljana0:03
47VAN DEN BROEK-BLAAK ChantalTeam SD Worx0:03
48OYARBIDE LourdesMovistar Team0:03
49WIEL JadeFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope0:03
50SHACKLEY AnnaTeam SD Worx0:03
51VAN 'T GELOOF MarjoleinDrops - Le Col s/b TEMPUR.0:03
52STEPHENS LaurenTeam TIBCO - SVB0:03
53SANGUINETI IlariaValcar - Travel & Service0:03
54EDWARDS EmmaCAMS - Basso0:03
55HAYES ConnieAWOL O'Shea0:03
56CHRISTIAN AnnaDrops - Le Col s/b TEMPUR.0:03
57SANTESTEBAN AneTeam BikeExchange0:03
59DEIGNAN ElizabethTrek-Segafredo Women0:03
60EWERS VeronicaTeam TIBCO - SVB0:03
61SIMMONDS HayleyCAMS - Basso0:03
62RODRÍGUEZ GloriaMovistar Team0:03
63STORRIE BeckyCAMS - Basso0:03
64ENSING JannekeTeam BikeExchange0:58
65WORRACK TrixiTrek-Segafredo Women1:01
66FELDMANN PernilleTeam Coop - Hitec Products1:01
67GERRITSE FemkeParkhotel Valkenburg1:01
68JASTRAB MeganTeam DSM1:19
69FRAIN NicoleTeam TIBCO - SVB3:15
70TOWERS AliceDrops - Le Col s/b TEMPUR.3:15
71CAMPBELL TenielTeam BikeExchange3:15
72CHRISTMAS DaniDrops - Le Col s/b TEMPUR.7:18
73SCOTT KatieCAMS - Basso7:50
74MORGANS-SLADER FrancescaAWOL O'Shea12:59
75MARTIN PhoebeAWOL O'Shea12:59
76VAN HAAFTEN KirstieParkhotel Valkenburg13:02
77FINNEY JessicaCAMS - Basso13:02
78ALLEN JessicaTeam BikeExchange21:21
1COPPONI ClaraFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope6:22:34
2PIETERS AmyTeam SD Worx0:00
3GUTIÉRREZ SheylaMovistar Team0:06
4VOLLERING DemiTeam SD Worx0:09
5LABOUS JulietteTeam DSM0:10
6CHABBEY EliseCanyon//SRAM Racing0:10
7BIANNIC AudeMovistar Team0:10
8GEORGI PfeifferTeam DSM0:10
10BASTIANELLI MartaAlé BTC Ljubljana0:40
11BOOGAARD MaaikeAlé BTC Ljubljana0:45
12HOSKING ChloeTrek-Segafredo Women0:46
13ROY SarahTeam BikeExchange0:46
14BERTIZZOLO SofiaLiv Racing0:48
15NELSON JosieTeam Coop - Hitec Products0:52
16CECCHINI ElenaTeam SD Worx0:52
17KIRCHMANN LeahTeam DSM0:52
18DUVAL EugénieFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope0:52
19BARNES HannahCanyon//SRAM Racing0:52
20PALADIN SorayaLiv Racing0:52
21HARRIS EllaCanyon//SRAM Racing0:52
22MAJERUS ChristineTeam SD Worx0:52
23BUJAK EugeniaAlé BTC Ljubljana0:52
24BREDEWOLD MischaParkhotel Valkenburg0:52
25LOWDEN JoscelinDrops - Le Col s/b TEMPUR.0:52
26WRIGHT SophieAlé BTC Ljubljana0:52
27SMITH AbiTeam TIBCO - SVB0:52
28VAN DEN BROEK-BLAAK ChantalTeam SD Worx0:52
29ERIĆ JelenaMovistar Team0:52
30MUZIC ÉvitaFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope0:52
31GRINCZER NatalieCAMS - Basso0:52
32LIMPENS PienParkhotel Valkenburg0:52
33BARNES AliceCanyon//SRAM Racing0:52
34BALSAMO ElisaValcar - Travel & Service0:52
35GUILMAN VictorieFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope0:52
36LIPPERT LianeTeam DSM0:52
37SHACKLEY AnnaTeam SD Worx0:52
38WIEL JadeFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope0:52
39CONSONNI ChiaraValcar - Travel & Service0:52
40OYARBIDE LourdesMovistar Team0:52
41STEPHENS LaurenTeam TIBCO - SVB0:52
42SANTESTEBAN AneTeam BikeExchange0:52
43SIMMONDS HayleyCAMS - Basso0:52
44SANGUINETI IlariaValcar - Travel & Service0:52
45DEIGNAN ElizabethTrek-Segafredo Women1:18
46JASTRAB MeganTeam DSM1:29
47VAN DER HULST AmberParkhotel Valkenburg2:09
48MARKUS FemkeParkhotel Valkenburg2:11
49EWERS VeronicaTeam TIBCO - SVB2:24
50ENSING JannekeTeam BikeExchange2:32
51HAYES ConnieAWOL O'Shea2:37
52FRAIN NicoleTeam TIBCO - SVB3:25
53CORDON-RAGOT AudreyTrek-Segafredo Women3:27
54TACEY AprilDrops - Le Col s/b TEMPUR.3:54
55VIGIE MargauxValcar - Travel & Service3:54
56CHRISTIAN AnnaDrops - Le Col s/b TEMPUR.3:55
58STORRIE BeckyCAMS - Basso3:55
59PIRRONE ElenaValcar - Travel & Service3:58
60MOHR Mari HoleTeam Coop - Hitec Products4:09
61GONZÁLEZ AliciaMovistar Team4:09
62RODRÍGUEZ GloriaMovistar Team4:09
63GERRITSE FemkeParkhotel Valkenburg4:22
64WORRACK TrixiTrek-Segafredo Women4:28
65WIEBES LorenaTeam DSM4:39
66VAN 'T GELOOF MarjoleinDrops - Le Col s/b TEMPUR.6:30
67CAMPBELL TenielTeam BikeExchange6:41
68CHRISTMAS DaniDrops - Le Col s/b TEMPUR.8:47
69EDWARDS EmmaCAMS - Basso12:57
70GROSSETÊTE MaëlleFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope13:00
71FELDMANN PernilleTeam Coop - Hitec Products13:22
72TOWERS AliceDrops - Le Col s/b TEMPUR.15:27
73VAN HAAFTEN KirstieParkhotel Valkenburg16:14
74SCOTT KatieCAMS - Basso20:02
75MARTIN PhoebeAWOL O'Shea25:11
76FINNEY JessicaCAMS - Basso25:14
77MORGANS-SLADER FrancescaAWOL O'Shea25:14
78ALLEN JessicaTeam BikeExchange33:39
1COPPONI ClaraFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope21
2PIETERS AmyTeam SD Worx17
3GUTIÉRREZ SheylaMovistar Team16
4BASTIANELLI MartaAlé BTC Ljubljana15
5HOSKING ChloeTrek-Segafredo Women12
6CORDON-RAGOT AudreyTrek-Segafredo Women7
7GEORGI PfeifferTeam DSM6
8CECCHINI ElenaTeam SD Worx6
9CHABBEY EliseCanyon//SRAM Racing5
10BARNES HannahCanyon//SRAM Racing5
11BOOGAARD MaaikeAlé BTC Ljubljana4
12BERTIZZOLO SofiaLiv Racing4
13BIANNIC AudeMovistar Team3
14NELSON JosieTeam Coop - Hitec Products3
15LABOUS JulietteTeam DSM2
16VOLLERING DemiTeam SD Worx1
1CHABBEY EliseCanyon//SRAM Racing10
2VOLLERING DemiTeam SD Worx9
3ENSING JannekeTeam BikeExchange6
4HARRIS EllaCanyon//SRAM Racing3
5CONSONNI ChiaraValcar - Travel & Service3
6SANTESTEBAN AneTeam BikeExchange3
7LOWDEN JoscelinDrops - Le Col s/b TEMPUR.2
8MUZIC ÉvitaFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope2
9MARKUS FemkeParkhotel Valkenburg2
10PIRRONE ElenaValcar - Travel & Service2
11COPPONI ClaraFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope1
13LIPPERT LianeTeam DSM1
14DEIGNAN ElizabethTrek-Segafredo Women1
1Team SD Worx 19:08:54
2Team DSM0:00
3Movistar Team0:00
4FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope0:42
5Canyon//SRAM Racing0:42
6Alé BTC Ljubljana0:42
7Team TIBCO - SVB1:24
8Valcar - Travel & Service1:24
9Team BikeExchange2:06
10Parkhotel Valkenburg2:41
11Trek-Segafredo Women4:25
12CAMS - Basso4:27
13Team Coop - Hitec Products5:00
14Drops - Le Col s/b TEMPUR.5:45
15AWOL O'Shea30:31

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