Women’s Tour stage 6: Lorena Wiebes makes it three, Elisa Longo Borghini pounces on GC victory

Longo Borghini sprints to third to score bonus seconds needed to top Grace Brown and Katarzyna Niewiadoma.

Photo: Getty Images

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Lorena Wiebes (Team DSM) completed a hat trick of victories on the final stage of the Women’s Tour.

The Dutch supersprinter beat Clara Copponi (FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope) to the line to take a phenomenal 11th season-victory in downtown Oxford.

Elisa Longo Borghini (Trek Segafredo) was near the front all through the hectic final kilometer and looked to be working as leadout for teammate Chloe Hosking. However the Italian rouleur took the initiative and threw her bike at the line to finish third and score the four bonus seconds needed for the GC victory.

Longo Borghini’s move vaulted her above Katarzyna Niewiadoma (Canyon-SRAM Racing) and overnight leader Grace Brown (FDJ Nouvelle-Aquitaine Futuroscope), who started the day level on time, two seconds ahead of the Trek-Segafredo star.

Brown even extended her lead during the race, taking three seconds at the first intermediate sprint of the day. Longo Borghini finished fourth in the sprint, with Brown effectively moving into a three second lead. It looked as though the overall standings would remain with Brown on top, even after she had a late mechanical as the race went through Abingdon with 15km to go.

A late break was reeled in with just under 5km to go before the final technical sections through the centre of Oxford. Team DSM had been on the front for most of the second half of the stage and they duly set up Wiebes for the win. However the GC drama was far from over, with Borghini positioning herself perfectly through the final set of corners before catapulting herself to third on the line.

Even FDJ Nouvelle riders thought that Brown had won after they crossed the line, only for the news of her time loss to ripple through the peloton.

“I took the first intermediate sprint that put me three seconds ahead. We thought that we were pretty safe for the final as long as there were no gaps but it was really messy and Trek did an amazing leadout to put Elisa in a really good position ahead of the corners. That had her there to sprint for third, which we really didn’t expect. I don’t know where I placed, maybe a little bit behind but chapeau to her for an amazing sprint finish,” Brown said.

Women's Tour Stage 6 Results

1WIEBES LorenaTeam DSM3:38:15
2COPPONI ClaraFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope0:00
3LONGO BORGHINI ElisaTrek - Segafredo0:00
4NEUMANOVA TerezaLiv Racing Xstra0:00
5GUARISCHI BarbaraMovistar Team0:00
6KOOL CharlotteTeam DSM0:00
7VAN DER DUIN MaikeLe Col - Wahoo0:00
8FIDANZA AriannaTeam BikeExchange - Jayco0:00
9CONFALONIERI Maria GiuliaCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling0:00
10MAJERUS ChristineTeam SD Worx0:00
12BROWN GraceFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope0:00
13BORGHESI LetiziaEF Education-TIBCO-SVB0:00
14GÅSKJENN IngvildTeam Coop - Hitec Products0:00
15BOSSUYT ShariCanyon//SRAM Racing0:00
16WILLIAMS LilyHuman Powered Health0:00
17LABECKI CorynTeam Jumbo-Visma0:00
18BOOGAARD MaaikeUAE Team ADQ0:00
19KASPER RomyTeam Jumbo-Visma0:00
20NIEWIADOMA KatarzynaCanyon//SRAM Racing0:00
21MANLY AlexandraTeam BikeExchange - Jayco0:00
22KOCH FranziskaTeam DSM0:00
23DOEBEL-HICKOK KristaEF Education-TIBCO-SVB0:00
24CHABBEY EliseCanyon//SRAM Racing0:00
25VAN 'T GELOOF MarjoleinLe Col - Wahoo0:00
26GEORGI PfeifferTeam DSM0:00
27BUIJSMAN NinaHuman Powered Health0:00
28HOLDEN ElizabethLe Col - Wahoo0:00
29MOOLMAN AshleighTeam SD Worx0:00
30LACH MartaCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling0:00
31DUVAL EugénieFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope0:00
32TON QuintyLiv Racing Xstra0:00
33MOHR Mari HoleTeam Coop - Hitec Products0:00
34JØRGENSEN TirilTeam Coop - Hitec Products0:00
35FAULKNER KristenTeam BikeExchange - Jayco0:00
36GROSSETÊTE MaëlleFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope0:00
37DE JONG ThalitaLiv Racing Xstra0:00
38CORDON-RAGOT AudreyTrek - Segafredo0:00
39SWINKELS KarlijnTeam Jumbo-Visma0:00
40CROMWELL TiffanyCanyon//SRAM Racing0:00
41EWERS VeronicaEF Education-TIBCO-SVB0:00
42MARKUS RiejanneTeam Jumbo-Visma0:00
43KUIJPERS EvyHuman Powered Health0:00
44STORRIE BeckyCAMS - Basso0:00
45VAN DIJK EllenTrek - Segafredo0:00
46TOMASI LauraUAE Team ADQ0:00
47HARVEY MikaylaCanyon//SRAM Racing0:00
48SHROSBREE DanielleCAMS - Basso0:00
49HOSKING ChloeTrek - Segafredo0:00
50WILLIAMS GeorgiaTeam BikeExchange - Jayco0:00
51ASENCIO LauraCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling0:00
52SMITH AbiEF Education-TIBCO-SVB0:00
53MORROW BethCAMS - Basso0:00
54BEEKHUIS TeuntjeTeam Jumbo-Visma0:00
55BARNES AliceCanyon//SRAM Racing0:00
56VANDENBULCKE JesseLe Col - Wahoo0:00
57GUTIÉRREZ SheylaMovistar Team0:00
58SCHWEINBERGER KathrinCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling0:00
59LUDWIG HannahUno-X Pro Cycling Team0:00
60LOWDEN JoscelinUno-X Pro Cycling Team0:00
61FOURNIER RoxaneTeam SD Worx0:00
62WRIGHT SophieUAE Team ADQ0:00
63ROBERTS JessicaTeam Coop - Hitec Products0:00
64STUART SammieCAMS - Basso0:00
65GONZÁLEZ AliciaMovistar Team0:00
66CECCHINI ElenaTeam SD Worx0:00
67JASTRAB MeganTeam DSM0:00
68VERHULST GladysLe Col - Wahoo0:00
69FAHLIN EmiliaFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope0:00
70OYARBIDE LourdesMovistar Team0:00
71KIRCHMANN LeahTeam DSM0:00
72SCOTT KatieCAMS - Basso0:00
73ERATH TanjaEF Education-TIBCO-SVB0:00
74RAAIJMAKERS MaritHuman Powered Health0:52
75CAMPBELL TenielTeam BikeExchange - Jayco1:07
76KESSLER NinaTeam BikeExchange - Jayco1:07
77BÄCKSTEDT ElynorTrek - Segafredo1:07
78KRÖGER MiekeHuman Powered Health1:07
79CHRISTIE HenriettaHuman Powered Health1:13
80IVERSEN AneTeam Coop - Hitec Products1:35
81PATUELLI AlessiaUAE Team ADQ1:54
82HANSON LaurettaTrek - Segafredo1:54
1LONGO BORGHINI ElisaTrek - Segafredo 19:19:07
2BROWN GraceFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope0:01
3NIEWIADOMA KatarzynaCanyon//SRAM Racing0:05
4MANLY AlexandraTeam BikeExchange - Jayco0:24
5MOOLMAN AshleighTeam SD Worx0:32
6CHABBEY EliseCanyon//SRAM Racing0:49
7FAULKNER KristenTeam BikeExchange - Jayco0:54
8EWERS VeronicaEF Education-TIBCO-SVB1:45
10HARVEY MikaylaCanyon//SRAM Racing1:56
11GÅSKJENN IngvildTeam Coop - Hitec Products1:58
12BUIJSMAN NinaHuman Powered Health1:58
13TON QuintyLiv Racing Xstra1:58
14LACH MartaCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling2:17
15STORRIE BeckyCAMS - Basso2:18
16CONFALONIERI Maria GiuliaCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling2:27
17WILLIAMS GeorgiaTeam BikeExchange - Jayco2:27
18LOWDEN JoscelinUno-X Pro Cycling Team2:27
19DOEBEL-HICKOK KristaEF Education-TIBCO-SVB2:56
20JØRGENSEN TirilTeam Coop - Hitec Products2:57
21HOLDEN ElizabethLe Col - Wahoo2:57
22ASENCIO LauraCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling2:57
23VAN DIJK EllenTrek - Segafredo2:57
24GUTIÉRREZ SheylaMovistar Team3:39
25MAJERUS ChristineTeam SD Worx4:32
26CORDON-RAGOT AudreyTrek - Segafredo4:32
27KASPER RomyTeam Jumbo-Visma4:34
28CROMWELL TiffanyCanyon//SRAM Racing4:34
29BOOGAARD MaaikeUAE Team ADQ4:48
30NEUMANOVA TerezaLiv Racing Xstra5:18
31MARKUS RiejanneTeam Jumbo-Visma5:28
32WIEBES LorenaTeam DSM6:00
33BOSSUYT ShariCanyon//SRAM Racing6:26
34LABECKI CorynTeam Jumbo-Visma6:26
35DUVAL EugénieFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope6:30
36DE JONG ThalitaLiv Racing Xstra6:37
37JASTRAB MeganTeam DSM7:08
38SMITH AbiEF Education-TIBCO-SVB7:25
39GROSSETÊTE MaëlleFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope7:53
40VANDENBULCKE JesseLe Col - Wahoo8:12
41GEORGI PfeifferTeam DSM9:05
42CECCHINI ElenaTeam SD Worx9:11
43COPPONI ClaraFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope9:26
44KOCH FranziskaTeam DSM9:49
45SCHWEINBERGER KathrinCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling10:12
46FIDANZA AriannaTeam BikeExchange - Jayco10:44
47MOHR Mari HoleTeam Coop - Hitec Products10:44
48MORROW BethCAMS - Basso11:45
49STUART SammieCAMS - Basso12:28
50OYARBIDE LourdesMovistar Team12:41
51FAHLIN EmiliaFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope13:34
52GONZÁLEZ AliciaMovistar Team14:20
53KIRCHMANN LeahTeam DSM15:25
54SWINKELS KarlijnTeam Jumbo-Visma16:08
55KOOL CharlotteTeam DSM16:25
56VERHULST GladysLe Col - Wahoo16:34
57LUDWIG HannahUno-X Pro Cycling Team16:54
58WILLIAMS LilyHuman Powered Health17:26
59GUARISCHI BarbaraMovistar Team18:19
60BORGHESI LetiziaEF Education-TIBCO-SVB18:31
61KUIJPERS EvyHuman Powered Health19:45
62SHROSBREE DanielleCAMS - Basso19:46
63TOMASI LauraUAE Team ADQ20:14
64HANSON LaurettaTrek - Segafredo20:40
65ROBERTS JessicaTeam Coop - Hitec Products23:46
66BARNES AliceCanyon//SRAM Racing24:23
67KESSLER NinaTeam BikeExchange - Jayco25:52
68VAN DER DUIN MaikeLe Col - Wahoo27:17
69BEEKHUIS TeuntjeTeam Jumbo-Visma27:19
70CAMPBELL TenielTeam BikeExchange - Jayco29:44
71HOSKING ChloeTrek - Segafredo30:34
72VAN 'T GELOOF MarjoleinLe Col - Wahoo32:42
73FOURNIER RoxaneTeam SD Worx32:47
74BÄCKSTEDT ElynorTrek - Segafredo33:52
75CHRISTIE HenriettaHuman Powered Health35:53
76RAAIJMAKERS MaritHuman Powered Health36:17
77WRIGHT SophieUAE Team ADQ37:05
78PATUELLI AlessiaUAE Team ADQ49:08
79IVERSEN AneTeam Coop - Hitec Products51:28
80SCOTT KatieCAMS - Basso52:20
81KRÖGER MiekeHuman Powered Health58:23
82ERATH TanjaEF Education-TIBCO-SVB59:30
1WIEBES LorenaTeam DSM46
2LONGO BORGHINI ElisaTrek - Segafredo39
3COPPONI ClaraFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope32
4BROWN GraceFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope24
5NIEWIADOMA KatarzynaCanyon//SRAM Racing24
6MANLY AlexandraTeam BikeExchange - Jayco23
7GUARISCHI BarbaraMovistar Team18
8BOSSUYT ShariCanyon//SRAM Racing16
9LABECKI CorynTeam Jumbo-Visma15
10FIDANZA AriannaTeam BikeExchange - Jayco14
12MARKUS RiejanneTeam Jumbo-Visma11
13CECCHINI ElenaTeam SD Worx11
14FAULKNER KristenTeam BikeExchange - Jayco10
15CONFALONIERI Maria GiuliaCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling10
16NEUMANOVA TerezaLiv Racing Xstra10
17MOOLMAN AshleighTeam SD Worx9
18DUVAL EugénieFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope9
19CHABBEY EliseCanyon//SRAM Racing6
20GÅSKJENN IngvildTeam Coop - Hitec Products6
21BARNES AliceCanyon//SRAM Racing6
22EWERS VeronicaEF Education-TIBCO-SVB5
23KOOL CharlotteTeam DSM5
24VAN DER DUIN MaikeLe Col - Wahoo5
25VAN 'T GELOOF MarjoleinLe Col - Wahoo4
26BORGHESI LetiziaEF Education-TIBCO-SVB3
27STORRIE BeckyCAMS - Basso2
28MAJERUS ChristineTeam SD Worx1
29HOSKING ChloeTrek - Segafredo1
1CHABBEY EliseCanyon//SRAM Racing50
2NIEWIADOMA KatarzynaCanyon//SRAM Racing37
3MAJERUS ChristineTeam SD Worx34
4LONGO BORGHINI ElisaTrek - Segafredo29
5MOOLMAN AshleighTeam SD Worx23
6EWERS VeronicaEF Education-TIBCO-SVB22
7BROWN GraceFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope20
8MARKUS RiejanneTeam Jumbo-Visma18
9FAULKNER KristenTeam BikeExchange - Jayco15
10VERHULST GladysLe Col - Wahoo11
11LOWDEN JoscelinUno-X Pro Cycling Team10
12VAN DIJK EllenTrek - Segafredo10
13CROMWELL TiffanyCanyon//SRAM Racing8
14MANLY AlexandraTeam BikeExchange - Jayco7
15HARVEY MikaylaCanyon//SRAM Racing7
16BÄCKSTEDT ElynorTrek - Segafredo7
17WILLIAMS GeorgiaTeam BikeExchange - Jayco4
18STORRIE BeckyCAMS - Basso4
20WIEBES LorenaTeam DSM4
21DUVAL EugénieFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope3
22WILLIAMS LilyHuman Powered Health3
23JASTRAB MeganTeam DSM2
24GEORGI PfeifferTeam DSM2
25COPPONI ClaraFDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope2
27LACH MartaCeratizit-WNT Pro Cycling1
28GUTIÉRREZ SheylaMovistar Team1
29SMITH AbiEF Education-TIBCO-SVB1
30KOCH FranziskaTeam DSM1
31VAN 'T GELOOF MarjoleinLe Col - Wahoo-2
1Canyon//SRAM Racing 58:00:29
2Team BikeExchange - Jayco0:44
3Ceratizit-WNT Pro Cycling4:37
4Trek - Segafredo4:41
5FDJ Nouvelle Aquitaine Futuroscope8:14
6Liv Racing Xstra8:24
7EF Education-TIBCO-SVB8:27
8Team SD Worx11:21
9Team Coop - Hitec Products12:31
10Team Jumbo-Visma12:40
11Team DSM13:08
12Movistar Team16:35
13CAMS - Basso21:39
14UAE Team ADQ23:36
15Le Col - Wahoo24:36
16Human Powered Health36:03

Results provided by ProCyclingStats.

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