Johnson and Nash repeat at Providence

Let the record show that upon crossing the finish line first Sunday in Rhode Island, Tim Johnson's first question was not about how his beloved Red Sox had fared in a playoff game that afternoon. Instead he asked how his teammate Jeremy Powers had fared at the races in Ohio. Johnson made the Red Sox query next.

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By Steve Frothingham

2009 Providence Festival of Cyclocross, day 2: Johnson and Driscoll were the dynamic duo.

2009 Providence Festival of Cyclocross, day 2: Johnson and Driscoll were the dynamic duo.

Photo: Paul Weiss

Let the record show that upon crossing the finish line first Sunday in Rhode Island, Tim Johnson’s first question was not about how his beloved Red Sox had fared in a playoff game that afternoon. Instead he asked how his teammate Jeremy Powers had fared at the races in Ohio.

Johnson made the Red Sox query next.

As it turned out, Powers was still racing when Johnson finished, since the Ohio race started a half hour after Rhode Island’s. But it turned out that while Johnson’s favorite ball team had lost at Fenway Park, his three-man team could not possibly have done any better this weekend. Johnson and teammate Jamey Driscoll went one-two both days at the Providence Festival of Cyclocross, and Powers won Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Cincinnati Cyclocross Festival. Katie Compton (Planet Bike) also did the triple in Cincinnati.

That might have been some consolation to Johnson, who had tickets to Monday’s Red Sox game, made moot by the team’s playoff elimination.

Repeat podiums

The men’s and women’s podiums at Sunday’s race were identical to Saturday’s, with Johnson and Driscoll again joined by Chris Jones (Champion System) on the steps. On the women’s side Katerina Nash (Luna) was once again followed by Mary McConneloug (Seven-Kenda) and Amy Dombroski (Richard Sachs), with Meredith Miller (Cal Giant-Specialized) finishing fourth again.

2009 Providence Festival of Cyclocross, day 2: Nash said she felt even stronger Sunday.

2009 Providence Festival of Cyclocross, day 2: Nash said she felt even stronger Sunday.

Photo: Paul Weiss

The races came down a bit differently than the results would indicate, however. While the course once again wound around the Outdoor Demo East consumer expo and through the nooks and corners of the Roger Williams Park, course designer Tom Stevens found a new way to lay out the tape. He unveiled an even twistier route than Saturday, with perhaps fewer passing opportunities, keeping racers on their toes.

Nash charges

In the women’s race, Nash took off even earlier than she had on Saturday, taking a gap into the first tight corner. But the race behind her was tight as McConneloug, Dombroski and Miller each rode separately, tantalizingly close all day.

Dombroski once again was one of the last women to try to follow Nash’s wheel, but kept within herself, allowing herself to ride a steady pace.

How fast was Nash? “Good God, she’s like a race car and I’m like a pickup truck or something,” Dombroski said.

After the race Dombroski was satisfied with her performance, although she’s itching to make improvements to climb up the podium. McConneloug said she had fun but felt a bit tired after Saturday’s efforts. “Today was a little bumpier and I was maybe a little tired,” she said.

Nash, however, said she was just getting rolling.

“I felt better than yesterday,” she said. “Technically and physically, I think yesterday kind of opened me up, you know?”

Brothers in arms

In the men’s race, neither Johnson or Driscoll got a great start, and sat behind the top 10 for much of the first lap. Davide Frattini (Fuji) led the charge, followed by Dan Timmerman (Richard Sachs) and Dylan McNichols (CCB International).

Johnson moved up on the paved start/finish hill and went off the front at the start of the second lap, chased by Jones and Timmerman.

Driscoll bridged up and attacked and got a gap while Johnson marked Jones’ chase and Timmerman held tight.

Within a half lap, Johnson saw an opportunity to bridge to Driscoll and the two charged off for the next 40 minutes or so, building an enormous gap ahead of Timmerman, Jerome Townsend (’s Garage) and Jones.

The two traded pace, with Johnson typically leading through the serpentine “fish bowl” section and Driscoll taking some pulls on the power sections.

The pace caught up with Driscoll, however, and he bobbled in a corner with two laps to go, but managed to stay with Johnson. With a lap and a half to go, he made a more serious mistake coming into a set of barriers, and lost a few seconds.

Johnson was leading when Driscoll made his mistake but he noted with a smile that announcer Richard Fries let him — and everyone else — know that Driscoll had hit the deck. Johnson made the most of the opportunity. He quickly established a five-second gap, which grew to about 10 on the last lap as Driscoll chased furiously.

By the last hill, Driscoll was almost within shouting distance, and as Johnson slowed to celebrate, the two crossed the line at almost the same time.

Behind, the chasing trio traded blows until the last lap when Jones slipped off the front.

Timmerman took fourth and Townsend took fifth (and first U23).

Race notes

Race organizers GSD Productions hope to hold a UCI World Cup cyclocross race in Providence. They had secured a date on the calendar for the 2008-2009 season, but had to cancel when sponsorship fell through. The group hopes to combine the World Cup competition with a bike and wellness expo and amateur races, and is putting the pieces together by working with Interbike and cycling organizations like the U.S. Open Cycling Foundation.

This year’s Outdoor Demo East was open to the trade only on Thursday and Friday, and to the public on the weekend. Exhibitors had mixed reports on weekend traffic and noted that local promotion was minimal and parking is a concern. But organizers fenced the expo area and charged admission. Combined with a venue and course that got stellar reviews, the steps are bringing GSD a few steps closer to producing the first-ever cyclocross World Cup in the U.S.

Photo Gallery


Men’s results | Click for: ( Women’s results )


  • 1. Timothy Johnson Cannondale/ in 1:03:39
  • 2. Jamey Driscoll Cannondale/ at 0:00:00
  • 3. Christopher Jones Champion Systems at 0:01:36
  • 4. Dan Timmerman Richard Sachs – Rgm Watches – Radix at 0:01:45
  • 5. Jerome Townsend / Joe’s Garage / If at 0:02:04 1
  • 6. Luke Keough Champion Systems at 0:02:12 2
  • 7. Josh Dillon Richard Sachs – Rgm Watches – Radix at 0:02:12
  • 8. William Dugan Richard Sachs – Rgm Watches – Radix at 0:02:26
  • 9. Justin Robinson California Giant at 0:02:34
  • 10. Davide Frattini Team Fuji at 0:02:37
  • 11. Justin Lindine / Joe’s Garage / If at 0:02:37
  • 12. Justin Spinelli Svelte Cycles at 0:03:11
  • 13. Gavin Mannion Hot Tubes Junior Development Team at 0:03:21 3
  • 14. Dylan Mcnichols Ccb at 0:03:35
  • 15. Ryan Iddings Lapierre Usa at 0:03:52
  • 16. Michael Broderick Kenda-Seven-Notubes at 0:03:52
  • 17. Kirt Fitzpatrick Sexual Camel at 0:04:05
  • 18. Nicholas Weighall California Giant at 0:04:05
  • 19. Jonny Sundt El Gato at 0:04:34
  • 20. Valentin Scherz Pro Cycles-Scott-Newwork at 0:04:41 4
  • 21. Kevin Wolfson / Joe’s Garage / If at 0:04:47
  • 22. Guillaume Nelessen Van Dessel Factory Team at 0:05:27
  • 23. Adam Myerson Cycle-Smart at 0:05:49
  • 24. Toby Marzot Corner Cycle at 0:06:09
  • 25. Philip Wong Seaside Cycle at 0:06:09
  • 26. Peter Bradshaw Embrocation Cycling Journal at 0:06:09
  • 27. Nathaniel Ward / Joe’s Garage / If at 0:06:26
  • 28. Jonathan Hamblen Team Mountain Khakis at 0:06:26
  • 29. Chance Noble California Giant at 0:06:48 5
  • 30. Thomas Sampson Rhino Bikeowrks at 0:06:51 6
  • 31. John Burns at 0:06:51
  • 32. Bill Elliston Van Dessel Factory Team at 0:07:32
  • 33. Wayne Bray Syracuse Bicycle / at lp
  • 34. Adam Sullivan Cycle-Smart / Ncc at lp
  • 35. Manny Goguen / Joe’s Garage / If at lp 7
  • 36. Colin Reuter International Bicycle Mtb Team at lp
  • 37. Peter Rubijono Embrocation/igleheart/madalchemy at lp
  • 38. Michael Jenks Highland Park Hermes P/b Kim’s Bike Shop at lp
  • 39. Rickey Visinski Echappe Equipment Elite Team at lp
  • 40. Pete Smith Embrocation Cycling Journal / Mad Alchemy at lp
  • 41. David Wilcox Cambridge Bicycle/igleheart Frames at lp
  • 42. Kevin Sweeney International Bicycle Center at lp
  • 43. Michael Rea Noreast Cycling at lp
  • 44. J Gabriel Lloyd Echappe Equipment Elite Team at lp
  • 45. Ryan Kelly Noreast Cycling at lp
  • 46. Soren Klingsporn Signature Cycles / Rockstar Games at lp
  • 47. Cort Cramer Svelte Cycles at lp
  • 48. Patrick Goguen N.e. Velodrome & Cycling Park / Bobcat Of Nh at lp
  • 49. Adam St. Germain Scott Usa at lp
  • 50. Matthew Green Spooky Bikes at lp 8

Women’s results | ( Men’s results )

  • 1. Katerina Nash Luna Pro Team in 42:56
  • 2. Mary Mcconneloug Kenda-Seven-Notubes at 0:00:22
  • 3. Amy Dombroski Richard Sacks-Rgm-Radix at 0:00:51
  • 4. Meredith Miller Pro Women at 0:01:02
  • 5. Andrea Smith Minuteman Road Club at 0:01:49
  • 6. Lyne Bessete October Factory Racing at 0:01:49
  • 7. Kelli Emmett Giant Bicycles at 0:01:49
  • 8. Maureen Bruno Roy Mm Racing P/b Seven Cycles at 0:01:49
  • 9. Rebecca Wellons Team Plan C at 0:03:02
  • 10. Amanda Carey Kenda/ at 0:03:10
  • 11. Sara Bresnick-Zocchi Landrys Bicycles at 0:03:31
  • 12. Arley Kemmerer Hub Racing at 0:05:00
  • 13. Linnea Koons October Factory Racing at 0:05:00
  • 14. Ann D’ambruoso Minuteman Road Club at 0:04:05
  • 15. Sally Annis Hub Racing at 0:04:05
  • 16. Cris Rothfuss Seven Cycles at 0:04:05
  • 17. Anna Barensfeld Minuteman Road Club at 0:04:20
  • 18. Rebecca Blatt Us Army/ Central Wheel at 0:05:18
  • 19. Katrina Baumsteiger Team Rambuski Law at 0:05:18
  • 20. Kate Harris October Factory Racing at 0:05:44
  • 21. Anna Milkowski / Joe’s Garage / If at 0:05:59
  • 22. Sarah Krzysiak Syracuse Bicycle/ at 0:06:09
  • 23. Christina Tamilio Minuteman Road Club at 0:06:22
  • 24. Kate Scheider Mafia Racing at 0:06:41
  • 25. Callie Gordon at 0:06:55
  • 26. Sara Cushman Gearworks/spinarts at 0:07:23
  • 27. Allison Snooks Minuteman Road Club at lp
  • 28. Megan Bilodeau Hup United at lp
  • 29. Natalie Dumont Gearworks/spinarts at lp
  • 30. Melissa Ross Landry’s Bicycles at lp
  • 31. Kerry Litka Fxd Coaching at lp

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