Michelin Power All Season Tires

Michelin’s Power All Season tires are our go-to choice for difficult riding conditions like wet and slippery winter roads.


235 grams





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Michelin’s Power All Season tires are our go-to choice for difficult riding conditions like wet and slippery winter roads. The tires have a new rubber compound mix that Michelin says provides 15 percent more grip than the company’s previous line of premium road tires. The new mix works at lower temperatures so you’ll stay glued to the ground even when winter hits and the roads get cold.

The All Season tires also use Michelin’s Hi-Grip tread design that makes for more secure cornering in slippery conditions. The progressive tread allows the number of tread voids to increase gradually with the camber of the tires to keep gripping as you lean the bike.

We spent some time at the Michelin testing facility in Clermont-Ferrand, France last spring and saw these All Season tires put the test on a wet track. The test rider, kitted up in full motorcycle attire, hopped on an electric bike and hit the track at impressive speeds. He made tight circles around the slippery course to show just how far he could lean the bike over while still keeping a solid connection with the pavement. Watching this test, we were immediately impressed the amount of grip provided by the All Season tires, and it inspired us to push the limits a little more once we were back home and riding slippery winter roads.

The tires also have a layer of dense reinforcement that helps protect against cuts and holes in the rubber. This Amarid Protek+ layer adds a bit of weight but we’ll take a few extra grams over stopping to change a flat tire. And if you ride big mileage and plan to use these tires all winter long, they have a tread wear indicator imbedded in the rubber so you can easily tell when it’s time to replace them with a fresh set of tires.

Despite the impressive grip and traction, the All Season tires roll smoothly on both wet and dry roads without feeling sluggish or heavy. Michelin even says that the rolling resistance dropped by five watts compared to its previous line of all weather tires. Extra grip plus a smooth ride makes these tires our go-to choice for winter rides this year.

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