Paris-Nice stage 7: Schachmann hangs on to win overall, Quintana wins stage

Schachmann survives late attack from second-place Benoot to take overall, Quintana takes stage atop La Colmiane climb.

Photo: Getty Images

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Max Schachmann (Bora-Hansgrohe) took the overall of Paris-Nice Saturday, while Nairo Quintana (Arkea-Samsic) continued his string of early-season success by taking the stage.

Schachmann did just enough to limit the damage caused by an attack in the final kilometer by Tiesj Benoot (Sunweb), who had started just 36 seconds back on the overall. Benoot’s late acceleration bagged him second on the stage, but not enough time to overhaul Schachmann in the GC. Instead, the Belgian had to settle for second overall, with Sergio Higuita (EF Pro Cycling) filling out the GC podium.

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Having won the opening stage and held the leader’s jersey ever since, Schachmann’s overall victory came off the back of a solid performance from his Bora-Hansgrohe teammates, who kept their leader in contention through a stage littered with attacking threats.

“For me it was a really hard finish, the last three kilometers… it was a walk through a world of pain, but right now it’s like being in heaven,” said Schachmann after the race.

“It’s already the fourth year of my career, but it’s the biggest success so far, and one of the most important steps,” he said. “It feels so great, because all of my life people were doubting me as a GC rider, but it was always my dream.”

Quintana’s win comes off the back of a string of wins in French races last month. Photo: Luc Claessen/Getty Images

Quintana won his fifth stage of the season after attacking out of a select GC group with four kilometers to go on the grinding 16-kilometer climb to La Colmiane. After several seasons of disappointment, the Colombian has rocketed back into form with his new French team.

“It’s a come back with elegance, and I like to win with elegance,” said Quintana. “We were very motivated to do everything well this year, and the team worked really hard today for me. People always say ‘Nairo always asks a lot from the team,’ and today, that was the result of me asking a lot from the team.”

Saturday’s seventh stage of Paris-Nice served as the finale of a race scheduled to run for eight stages and finish Sunday. Sunday’s stage was canceled after teams and race organizers decided to cancel the originally-planned closer around Nice due to the impacts of the coronavirus epidemic. As the global health crisis continues to wreak havoc on the spring cycling season, Paris-Nice may have served as the last professional race we see for some weeks.

Paris - Nice Stage 7 Results

1QUINTANA NairoTeam Arkéa Samsic4:27:01
2BENOOT TiesjTeam Sunweb0:46
3PINOT ThibautGroupama - FDJ0:56
4HIGUITA SergioEF Pro Cycling0:56
5NIBALI VincenzoTrek - Segafredo0:56
6SCHACHMANN MaximilianBORA - hansgrohe0:58
7MARTIN GuillaumeCofidis1:19
8KANGERT TanelEF Pro Cycling1:22
9BARDET RomainAG2R La Mondiale1:32
10MOLARD RudyGroupama - FDJ1:32
11DE GENDT ThomasLotto Soudal1:48
12KRAGH ANDERSEN SørenTeam Sunweb2:10
13GROßSCHARTNER FelixBORA - hansgrohe3:36
14PORTE RichieTrek - Segafredo3:40
15HAMILTON ChrisTeam Sunweb3:54
16MEURISSE XandroCircus - Wanty Gobert3:54
17DOUBEY FabienCircus - Wanty Gobert3:58
18DEGENKOLB JohnLotto Soudal4:44
19STUYVEN JasperTrek - Segafredo4:44
20LE GAC OlivierGroupama - FDJ4:44
21ELISSONDE KennyTrek - Segafredo5:40
22PARET-PEINTRE AurélienAG2R La Mondiale6:04
23JUNGELS BobDeceuninck - Quick Step6:35
24GILBERT PhilippeLotto Soudal7:06
25COMBAUD RomainNIPPO DELKO One Provence7:31
26BOL CeesTeam Sunweb7:50
27KREUZIGER RomanNTT Pro Cycling8:10
28ŠTYBAR ZdeněkDeceuninck - Quick Step8:10
29PACHER QuentinB&B Hotels - Vital Concept p/b KTM9:19
30BARTHE CyrilB&B Hotels - Vital Concept p/b KTM9:19
31DECLERCQ TimDeceuninck - Quick Step9:19
32ALAPHILIPPE JulianDeceuninck - Quick Step9:56
33ARNDT NikiasTeam Sunweb9:56
34ANACONA WinnerTeam Arkéa Samsic9:56
35KÜNG StefanGroupama - FDJ12:27
36DENZ NicoTeam Sunweb13:07
37EDET NicolasCofidis13:40
38BETTIOL AlbertoEF Pro Cycling14:19
39ARMÉE SanderLotto Soudal14:59
40GIBBONS RyanNTT Pro Cycling14:59
41VERMOTE JulienCofidis14:59
42ASGREEN KasperDeceuninck - Quick Step14:59
43DUCHESNE AntoineGroupama - FDJ14:59
44SWIFT ConnorTeam Arkéa Samsic14:59
45SCHÖNBERGER SebastianB&B Hotels - Vital Concept p/b KTM14:59
46PASQUALON AndreaCircus - Wanty Gobert14:59
47VAN GESTEL DriesTeam Total Direct Energie14:59
48VALGREN MichaelNTT Pro Cycling14:59
49QUINTANA DayerTeam Arkéa Samsic14:59
50CHEREL MikaëlAG2R La Mondiale17:03
51LADAGNOUS MatthieuGroupama - FDJ17:34
52ŠIŠKEVIČIUS EvaldasNIPPO DELKO One Provence18:49
53MØRKØV MichaelDeceuninck - Quick Step18:49
54MATTHEWS MichaelTeam Sunweb19:08
55KONRAD PatrickBORA - hansgrohe19:08
56TERPSTRA NikiTeam Total Direct Energie19:10
57THEUNS EdwardTrek - Segafredo19:27
58PEREZ AnthonyCofidis21:56
59ALLEGAERT PietCofidis21:56
60TRARIEUX JulienNIPPO DELKO One Provence21:56
61DÍAZ José ManuelNIPPO DELKO One Provence21:56
1SCHACHMANN MaximilianBORA - hansgrohe 27:14:23
2BENOOT TiesjTeam Sunweb0:18
3HIGUITA SergioEF Pro Cycling0:59
4NIBALI VincenzoTrek - Segafredo1:16
5PINOT ThibautGroupama - FDJ1:24
6QUINTANA NairoTeam Arkéa Samsic1:30
7MOLARD RudyGroupama - FDJ2:03
8KANGERT TanelEF Pro Cycling2:16
9GROßSCHARTNER FelixBORA - hansgrohe3:39
10KRAGH ANDERSEN SørenTeam Sunweb4:36
11DOUBEY FabienCircus - Wanty Gobert5:36
12MARTIN GuillaumeCofidis6:37
13STUYVEN JasperTrek - Segafredo8:10
14GILBERT PhilippeLotto Soudal8:57
15JUNGELS BobDeceuninck - Quick Step10:36
16ALAPHILIPPE JulianDeceuninck - Quick Step11:00
17DEGENKOLB JohnLotto Soudal11:36
18LE GAC OlivierGroupama - FDJ12:01
19BARDET RomainAG2R La Mondiale12:44
20ŠTYBAR ZdeněkDeceuninck - Quick Step13:14
21PARET-PEINTRE AurélienAG2R La Mondiale16:27
22MEURISSE XandroCircus - Wanty Gobert17:12
23ARNDT NikiasTeam Sunweb17:34
24KREUZIGER RomanNTT Pro Cycling18:20
25DE GENDT ThomasLotto Soudal19:09
26MATTHEWS MichaelTeam Sunweb19:20
27VALGREN MichaelNTT Pro Cycling22:53
28CHEREL MikaëlAG2R La Mondiale26:40
29KÜNG StefanGroupama - FDJ26:56
30ASGREEN KasperDeceuninck - Quick Step26:56
31DECLERCQ TimDeceuninck - Quick Step26:59
32ANACONA WinnerTeam Arkéa Samsic27:55
33SCHÖNBERGER SebastianB&B Hotels - Vital Concept p/b KTM30:44
34KONRAD PatrickBORA - hansgrohe30:55
35ELISSONDE KennyTrek - Segafredo31:00
36PASQUALON AndreaCircus - Wanty Gobert31:32
37COMBAUD RomainNIPPO DELKO One Provence31:50
38BOL CeesTeam Sunweb32:01
39LADAGNOUS MatthieuGroupama - FDJ34:58
40PACHER QuentinB&B Hotels - Vital Concept p/b KTM35:25
41PORTE RichieTrek - Segafredo36:04
42VERMOTE JulienCofidis38:36
43SWIFT ConnorTeam Arkéa Samsic39:47
44BETTIOL AlbertoEF Pro Cycling40:03
45DÍAZ José ManuelNIPPO DELKO One Provence40:13
46DUCHESNE AntoineGroupama - FDJ41:30
47GIBBONS RyanNTT Pro Cycling41:31
48EDET NicolasCofidis41:52
49ŠIŠKEVIČIUS EvaldasNIPPO DELKO One Provence43:24
50HAMILTON ChrisTeam Sunweb44:01
51QUINTANA DayerTeam Arkéa Samsic44:02
52MØRKØV MichaelDeceuninck - Quick Step45:11
53THEUNS EdwardTrek - Segafredo45:36
54ALLEGAERT PietCofidis51:55
55TRARIEUX JulienNIPPO DELKO One Provence52:53
56PEREZ AnthonyCofidis54:16
57BARTHE CyrilB&B Hotels - Vital Concept p/b KTM55:23
58TERPSTRA NikiTeam Total Direct Energie56:50
59VAN GESTEL DriesTeam Total Direct Energie56:55
60ARMÉE SanderLotto Soudal57:12
61DENZ NicoTeam Sunweb57:17
1BENOOT TiesjTeam Sunweb43
2SCHACHMANN MaximilianBORA - hansgrohe38
3HIGUITA SergioEF Pro Cycling28
4ALAPHILIPPE JulianDeceuninck - Quick Step22
5QUINTANA NairoTeam Arkéa Samsic16
6MATTHEWS MichaelTeam Sunweb16
7KRAGH ANDERSEN SørenTeam Sunweb15
8NIBALI VincenzoTrek - Segafredo15
9PASQUALON AndreaCircus - Wanty Gobert14
10PINOT ThibautGroupama - FDJ13
11BOL CeesTeam Sunweb13
12ASGREEN KasperDeceuninck - Quick Step11
13DE GENDT ThomasLotto Soudal10
14STUYVEN JasperTrek - Segafredo9
15JUNGELS BobDeceuninck - Quick Step9
16MARTIN GuillaumeCofidis7
17BARDET RomainAG2R La Mondiale6
18EDET NicolasCofidis4
19MOLARD RudyGroupama - FDJ4
20GROßSCHARTNER FelixBORA - hansgrohe4
21DEGENKOLB JohnLotto Soudal4
22BETTIOL AlbertoEF Pro Cycling3
23DÍAZ José ManuelNIPPO DELKO One Provence3
24KANGERT TanelEF Pro Cycling3
25KÜNG StefanGroupama - FDJ3
26ANACONA WinnerTeam Arkéa Samsic1
27PORTE RichieTrek - Segafredo1
1EDET NicolasCofidis53
2BENOOT TiesjTeam Sunweb19
3DE GENDT ThomasLotto Soudal18
4ALAPHILIPPE JulianDeceuninck - Quick Step16
5PEREZ AnthonyCofidis15
6QUINTANA NairoTeam Arkéa Samsic10
7KRAGH ANDERSEN SørenTeam Sunweb8
8DÍAZ José ManuelNIPPO DELKO One Provence7
9NIBALI VincenzoTrek - Segafredo6
10PINOT ThibautGroupama - FDJ6
11PARET-PEINTRE AurélienAG2R La Mondiale6
12HIGUITA SergioEF Pro Cycling5
13BARDET RomainAG2R La Mondiale5
14ASGREEN KasperDeceuninck - Quick Step3
15BETTIOL AlbertoEF Pro Cycling3
16VAN GESTEL DriesTeam Total Direct Energie3
17SCHACHMANN MaximilianBORA - hansgrohe2
18COMBAUD RomainNIPPO DELKO One Provence2
19MARTIN GuillaumeCofidis1
20KÜNG StefanGroupama - FDJ1
21ANACONA WinnerTeam Arkéa Samsic1
22KONRAD PatrickBORA - hansgrohe1
23DENZ NicoTeam Sunweb1
1HIGUITA SergioEF Pro Cycling 27:15:22
2PARET-PEINTRE AurélienAG2R La Mondiale15:28
3ASGREEN KasperDeceuninck - Quick Step25:57
4BOL CeesTeam Sunweb31:02
5SWIFT ConnorTeam Arkéa Samsic38:48
6DÍAZ José ManuelNIPPO DELKO One Provence39:14
7HAMILTON ChrisTeam Sunweb43:02
8ALLEGAERT PietCofidis50:56
9BARTHE CyrilB&B Hotels - Vital Concept p/b KTM54:24
1Team Sunweb 81:52:39
2Groupama - FDJ3:25
3Trek - Segafredo9:19
4Lotto Soudal15:31
5EF Pro Cycling19:17
6Deceuninck - Quick Step21:06
7BORA - hansgrohe24:38
8Circus - Wanty Gobert30:51
9AG2R La Mondiale33:41
10Team Arkéa Samsic43:03
11NTT Pro Cycling46:56
13NIPPO DELKO One Provence1:25:14
14B&B Hotels - Vital Concept p/b KTM1:31:46

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