Tour of Utah stage 6: Dombrowski wins stage as Hermans clinches overall

Joe Dombrowski attacked over Empire Pass to win stage 6 into Park City, while Ben Hermans clinched the overall title.

Photo: Casey B. Gibson

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PARK CITY, Utah (VN) — Joe Dombrowski made winning look easy on one of the country’s hardest climbs.

As the group of favorites lurched up Empire Pass during Sunday’s decisive stage of the Tour of Utah, Dombrowski launched a series of accelerations. The first attack drew out overall leader Ben Hermans (Israel Cycling Academy) and a handful of the race’s strongest riders.

The second acceleration, which came two kilometers from the summit, sprung Dombrowski to victory. The young American bolted away from Hermans, Joao Almeida (Hagens Berman Axeon), Keegan Swirbul (Worthy Brewing), and James Piccoli (Elevate-KHS), crested the summit by himself, and then descended to victory in downtown Park City.

Hermans took the overall with Piccoli and Dombrowski rounding out the final podium. Photo: Chris Graythen/Getty Images

“I tried at the bottom—Ben and James were with me, they didn’t have any real obligation or reason to work with me because I was a couple minutes back on GC, we were racing different races I suppose,” Dombrowski said at the finish. “Eventually I decided to ease off on the climb and hope some guys would come back and then maybe it would present another opportunity to go, just at the very top. If you have a gap on the descent, then normally you can keep it to the line. It worked out.”

Dombrowski (EF Education First) finished with a 24-second advantage over Almeida with Hermans finishing just two seconds behind the Portuguese rider. Hermans’s finishing time was good enough to clinch the overall title.

Dombrowski put in several strong accelerations on the long climb. Photo: Casey B. Gibson |

In the final standings Hermans finished 50 seconds ahead of Piccoli. It’s Hermans’s first overall victory at the Tour of Utah—in 2018 he finished second overall.

“From the first time that I did this race in 2014, I had a good feeling with this race and I kept getting better results in the GC,” Hermans said.

Dombrowski was the big winner on the day. In addition to taking the stage, Dombrowski’s attack bumped him into third place in the final GC standings, 1:32 behind Hermans. Dombrowski had started the day in fifth place overall, behind Kyle Murphy (Rally-UHC) and Niklas Eg (Trek-Segafredo), more than two minutes in arrears.

Dombrowski said he was not worried bout his standing on GC—he was solely focused on winning the stage.

“I think I prefer to race to win the stage than think about the GC, or whether I’m second or sixth place,” Dombrowski said. “I would prefer to try and win. So I wouldn’t say that I was really thinking about that too much.”

The thrilling finish in Park City came after a hilly 125.9 kilometer stage that culminated with the battle up Empire Pass. The pace was high for much of the day, and it took more than 100 kilometers for the day’s breakaway to establish.

When the move did finally go, it containe 23 total riders, including multiple riders from Rally-UHC, Neri Sottoli-Selle Italia-KTM, Worthy Pro Cycling, Aevolo, Arapahoe-BMC-Hincapie, and 303 Project.

Back in the peloton, the pace was steady as Israel Cycling Academy kept the break on a short leash.

Israel Cycling Academy pegged the breakaway back just as the group left the town of Midway and accelerated onto the climb.

Marco Canola (Nippo-Vini Fantini-Faizane) was first to attack and was quickly followed by Dombrowski. The American’s acceleration drew out Hermans and Piccoli, yet a mid-climb attack by Almeida succeeded in momentarily dropping Piccoli.

Dombrowski’s attack, near the top, was the only move that stuck on the long and grinding climb.

The Larry H.Miller Tour of Utah Stage 6 Results

1DOMBROWSKI JoeEF Education First3:11:09
2ALMEIDA JoãoHagens Berman Axeon0:24
3SWIRBUL KeeganFloyd's Pro Cycling0:26
4HERMANS BenIsrael Cycling Academy0:26
5PICCOLI JamesElevate - KHS Pro Cycling0:30
6CRADDOCK LawsonEF Education First1:24
7BADILATTI MatteoIsrael Cycling Academy1:39
8MURPHY KyleRally UHC Cycling1:58
9BRITTON RobRally UHC Cycling2:06
10MORTON LachlanEF Education First2:11
11EG NiklasTrek - Segafredo2:13
12STETINA PeterTrek - Segafredo3:01
13ȚVETCOV SergheiFloyd's Pro Cycling3:26
14BOWDEN ScottTeam BridgeLane3:27
15EARLE NathanIsrael Cycling Academy3:44
16BONGIORNO Francesco ManuelNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM3:49
17HOEHN AlexAevolo3:52
18FIORELLI FilippoNippo Vini Fantini Faizanè4:22
19LÓPEZ Juan PedroTrek - Segafredo4:47
20VERMAERKE KevinHagens Berman Axeon5:08
21HOWES AlexEF Education First5:08
22EASTER Griffin303Project5:15
23DANIEL GregoryDCBank Pro Cycling Team5:32
24SANTOS EfrénCanel's - Specialized5:35
25SCHUNK ConorAevolo5:53
26ANDERSON EdwardHagens Berman Axeon6:59
27VELASCO SimoneNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM7:44
28SCHÖNBERGER SebastianNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM7:44
29QUINTANA DayerNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM8:00
30FORTUNATO LorenzoNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM8:00
31ALARCÓN Pablo AndresCanel's - Specialized8:01
32FONT Bernat303Project8:01
33FRAYRE EderDCBank Pro Cycling Team8:03
34BACA Tony303Project8:09
35MOSCA JacopoTrek - Segafredo8:09
36MANNION GavinRally UHC Cycling8:26
37COWAN AlexanderFloyd's Pro Cycling8:28
38MCCABE TravisFloyd's Pro Cycling8:34
39SANTAROMITA IvanNippo Vini Fantini Faizanè8:41
40ROJAS Gabriel FranciscoAevolo9:07
41WOLFE BenArapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC9:25
42BICKMORE CadeAevolo9:53
43ÁVILA EdwinIsrael Cycling Academy9:53
44ZIMMER MattDCBank Pro Cycling Team9:53
45MCCORMICK HaydenTeam BridgeLane10:11
46CHEYNE JordanElevate - KHS Pro Cycling10:48
47CASTILLO Ulises AlfredoElevate - KHS Pro Cycling10:49
48VOLLMER AndrewAevolo10:50
49BAUER DominikDauner D&DQ-Akkon10:52
50BRUNNER EricAevolo11:19
51WHELAN JamesEF Education First11:19
52LINDORFF TylerTeam BridgeLane11:19
53DE LUNA Flavio Alejandro303Project11:54
54NIV GuyIsrael Cycling Academy11:55
55ZARDINI EdoardoNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM12:45
56THURAU SvenDauner D&DQ-Akkon12:45
57GULLICKSON FinnWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis13:03
58DEBEAUMARCHÉ NicolasTrek - Segafredo13:23
59FLAKSIS AndžsArapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC13:42
60LARA FranciscoCanel's - Specialized16:24
61CANOLA MarcoNippo Vini Fantini Faizanè16:24
62THIBAULT Jean-DenisDCBank Pro Cycling Team16:24
63LONARDI GiovanniNippo Vini Fantini Faizanè16:24
64MARENGO UmbertoNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM16:24
65ZACCANTI FilippoNippo Vini Fantini Faizanè16:27
66HATSUYAMA ShoNippo Vini Fantini Faizanè16:27
67MCGILL ScottAevolo16:28
68PUTT TannerArapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC17:09
69SUNDERLAND DylanTeam BridgeLane17:10
70EISENHART TaylorArapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC17:28
71NEWKIRK Isaiah303Project17:36
72BOARDMAN SamuelWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis17:49
73BASSETT StephenWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis17:53
74SÁNCHEZ Óscar EduardoCanel's - Specialized18:20
75BOIVIN GuillaumeIsrael Cycling Academy18:35
76GRANIGAN NoahFloyd's Pro Cycling18:43
77LEPLINGARD AntoineDCBank Pro Cycling Team18:43
78ORONTE EmersonRally UHC Cycling19:04
79JEAN ÉmileFloyd's Pro Cycling19:17
80MAGNER TyRally UHC Cycling19:36
81PALMA LeonelCanel's - Specialized19:38
82SIMPSON GeorgeElevate - KHS Pro Cycling20:05
83VODICKA CamdenWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis20:08
84ROSS KentWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis20:50
85RICE MichaelHagens Berman Axeon21:19
86YOUNG EricElevate - KHS Pro Cycling22:31
87RODRIGUEZ AlfredoElevate - KHS Pro Cycling22:31
88CLARKE JonathanFloyd's Pro Cycling22:31
89TOOVEY AydenTeam BridgeLane22:31
90MAMOS PhilippDauner D&DQ-Akkon22:31
91DAVIS ColeHagens Berman Axeon22:51
92REVARD ThomasHagens Berman Axeon22:51
93CHANCE MaxxWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis22:59
94RHIM BrendanArapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC23:04
95HUFFMAN EvanRally UHC Cycling23:04
96ELLSAY NigelRally UHC Cycling23:04
97EASTER Cullen303Project23:04
98STEPHENS Austin303Project23:04
99FLAUTT OliverDauner D&DQ-Akkon23:09
100OIEN JustinArapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC23:11
101SCHREURS HamishIsrael Cycling Academy24:52
1HERMANS BenIsrael Cycling Academy 18:46:09
2PICCOLI JamesElevate - KHS Pro Cycling0:50
3DOMBROWSKI JoeEF Education First1:32
4ALMEIDA JoãoHagens Berman Axeon2:26
5EG NiklasTrek - Segafredo2:57
6MURPHY KyleRally UHC Cycling3:20
7CRADDOCK LawsonEF Education First4:08
8SWIRBUL KeeganFloyd's Pro Cycling4:40
9STETINA PeterTrek - Segafredo5:22
10BADILATTI MatteoIsrael Cycling Academy5:28
11BRITTON RobRally UHC Cycling5:33
12BOWDEN ScottTeam BridgeLane7:51
13BONGIORNO Francesco ManuelNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM9:14
14EASTER Griffin303Project11:44
15ȚVETCOV SergheiFloyd's Pro Cycling11:50
16HOEHN AlexAevolo12:27
17LÓPEZ Juan PedroTrek - Segafredo14:18
18MORTON LachlanEF Education First14:22
19SANTOS EfrénCanel's - Specialized15:26
20QUINTANA DayerNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM16:06
21FIORELLI FilippoNippo Vini Fantini Faizanè17:37
22FRAYRE EderDCBank Pro Cycling Team18:08
23VERMAERKE KevinHagens Berman Axeon18:18
24VELASCO SimoneNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM20:12
25SCHÖNBERGER SebastianNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM20:48
26DANIEL GregoryDCBank Pro Cycling Team21:47
27MCCORMICK HaydenTeam BridgeLane22:16
28MANNION GavinRally UHC Cycling22:44
29FORTUNATO LorenzoNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM22:44
30FONT Bernat303Project23:39
31MOSCA JacopoTrek - Segafredo24:25
32ANDERSON EdwardHagens Berman Axeon25:04
33ALARCÓN Pablo AndresCanel's - Specialized25:04
34VOLLMER AndrewAevolo25:26
35BAUER DominikDauner D&DQ-Akkon26:11
36EARLE NathanIsrael Cycling Academy27:48
37HOWES AlexEF Education First27:50
38MCCABE TravisFloyd's Pro Cycling30:27
39SCHUNK ConorAevolo31:03
40BOIVIN GuillaumeIsrael Cycling Academy32:41
41DE LUNA Flavio Alejandro303Project33:05
42NIV GuyIsrael Cycling Academy33:21
43ROJAS Gabriel FranciscoAevolo33:52
44ÁVILA EdwinIsrael Cycling Academy34:51
45CHEYNE JordanElevate - KHS Pro Cycling37:24
46COWAN AlexanderFloyd's Pro Cycling38:49
47SÁNCHEZ Óscar EduardoCanel's - Specialized39:11
48SANTAROMITA IvanNippo Vini Fantini Faizanè40:50
49ZARDINI EdoardoNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM41:03
50CANOLA MarcoNippo Vini Fantini Faizanè41:53
51MARENGO UmbertoNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM42:44
52WOLFE BenArapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC43:00
53BICKMORE CadeAevolo44:34
54ZIMMER MattDCBank Pro Cycling Team44:42
55LINDORFF TylerTeam BridgeLane45:36
56SUNDERLAND DylanTeam BridgeLane46:14
57ZACCANTI FilippoNippo Vini Fantini Faizanè47:16
58CASTILLO Ulises AlfredoElevate - KHS Pro Cycling48:51
59BACA Tony303Project48:58
60EISENHART TaylorArapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC52:35
61WHELAN JamesEF Education First53:13
62DEBEAUMARCHÉ NicolasTrek - Segafredo55:43
63RICE MichaelHagens Berman Axeon56:49
64HATSUYAMA ShoNippo Vini Fantini Faizanè57:32
65LONARDI GiovanniNippo Vini Fantini Faizanè59:13
66EASTER Cullen303Project59:53
67FLAKSIS AndžsArapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC1:00:07
68THURAU SvenDauner D&DQ-Akkon1:00:29
69THIBAULT Jean-DenisDCBank Pro Cycling Team1:00:59
70PUTT TannerArapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC1:01:36
71BRUNNER EricAevolo1:02:49
72BOARDMAN SamuelWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis1:03:00
73RHIM BrendanArapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC1:03:01
74MCGILL ScottAevolo1:04:15
75HUFFMAN EvanRally UHC Cycling1:04:26
76TOOVEY AydenTeam BridgeLane1:04:40
77ORONTE EmersonRally UHC Cycling1:04:52
78NEWKIRK Isaiah303Project1:05:03
79BASSETT StephenWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis1:06:45
80GRANIGAN NoahFloyd's Pro Cycling1:07:15
81DAVIS ColeHagens Berman Axeon1:07:54
82MAGNER TyRally UHC Cycling1:08:26
83VODICKA CamdenWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis1:08:56
84SIMPSON GeorgeElevate - KHS Pro Cycling1:08:58
85OIEN JustinArapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC1:09:32
86LEPLINGARD AntoineDCBank Pro Cycling Team1:09:56
87GULLICKSON FinnWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis1:10:07
88LARA FranciscoCanel's - Specialized1:10:51
89ROSS KentWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis1:11:01
90MAMOS PhilippDauner D&DQ-Akkon1:13:23
91REVARD ThomasHagens Berman Axeon1:14:10
92JEAN ÉmileFloyd's Pro Cycling1:14:26
93CLARKE JonathanFloyd's Pro Cycling1:17:58
94PALMA LeonelCanel's - Specialized1:18:36
95SCHREURS HamishIsrael Cycling Academy1:19:20
96FLAUTT OliverDauner D&DQ-Akkon1:20:19
97RODRIGUEZ AlfredoElevate - KHS Pro Cycling1:22:35
98ELLSAY NigelRally UHC Cycling1:22:41
99STEPHENS Austin303Project1:23:21
100YOUNG EricElevate - KHS Pro Cycling1:24:08
101CHANCE MaxxWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis1:25:31
1MCCABE TravisFloyd's Pro Cycling47
2CANOLA MarcoNippo Vini Fantini Faizanè32
3HERMANS BenIsrael Cycling Academy24
4DOMBROWSKI JoeEF Education First22
5CRADDOCK LawsonEF Education First22
6MARENGO UmbertoNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM21
7ALMEIDA JoãoHagens Berman Axeon19
8MCCORMICK HaydenTeam BridgeLane17
9SWIRBUL KeeganFloyd's Pro Cycling17
10MORTON LachlanEF Education First16
11MURPHY KyleRally UHC Cycling15
12PICCOLI JamesElevate - KHS Pro Cycling13
13EG NiklasTrek - Segafredo10
14VELASCO SimoneNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM10
15ÁVILA EdwinIsrael Cycling Academy10
16RHIM BrendanArapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC10
17ZIMMER MattDCBank Pro Cycling Team8
18EASTER Griffin303Project8
19BADILATTI MatteoIsrael Cycling Academy7
20SANTOS EfrénCanel's - Specialized7
21ALARCÓN Pablo AndresCanel's - Specialized7
22RICE MichaelHagens Berman Axeon7
23HUFFMAN EvanRally UHC Cycling7
24BOIVIN GuillaumeIsrael Cycling Academy6
25BOARDMAN SamuelWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis6
26SIMPSON GeorgeElevate - KHS Pro Cycling5
27STETINA PeterTrek - Segafredo5
28SCHÖNBERGER SebastianNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM5
29SUNDERLAND DylanTeam BridgeLane5
30ȚVETCOV SergheiFloyd's Pro Cycling4
31FORTUNATO LorenzoNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM3
32DE LUNA Flavio Alejandro303Project3
33BRUNNER EricAevolo3
34MCGILL ScottAevolo3
35BRITTON RobRally UHC Cycling2
36BOWDEN ScottTeam BridgeLane2
37MAGNER TyRally UHC Cycling2
38VERMAERKE KevinHagens Berman Axeon1
39FONT Bernat303Project1
40COWAN AlexanderFloyd's Pro Cycling1
41WOLFE BenArapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC1
42DAVIS ColeHagens Berman Axeon1
43VODICKA CamdenWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis1
1MCCORMICK HaydenTeam BridgeLane30
2HERMANS BenIsrael Cycling Academy22
3DOMBROWSKI JoeEF Education First18
4HOWES AlexEF Education First18
5PICCOLI JamesElevate - KHS Pro Cycling16
6CANOLA MarcoNippo Vini Fantini Faizanè16
7BOARDMAN SamuelWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis11
8MURPHY KyleRally UHC Cycling11
9ALMEIDA JoãoHagens Berman Axeon10
10EG NiklasTrek - Segafredo10
11CRADDOCK LawsonEF Education First9
12FORTUNATO LorenzoNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM9
13COWAN AlexanderFloyd's Pro Cycling8
14SWIRBUL KeeganFloyd's Pro Cycling8
15STETINA PeterTrek - Segafredo7
16MORTON LachlanEF Education First7
17MANNION GavinRally UHC Cycling7
18BADILATTI MatteoIsrael Cycling Academy6
19MAGNER TyRally UHC Cycling6
20BRITTON RobRally UHC Cycling5
21BONGIORNO Francesco ManuelNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM5
22ZARDINI EdoardoNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM5
23HUFFMAN EvanRally UHC Cycling5
24VELASCO SimoneNeri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM3
25FONT Bernat303Project3
26ZIMMER MattDCBank Pro Cycling Team3
27SUNDERLAND DylanTeam BridgeLane3
28STEPHENS Austin303Project3
29MCCABE TravisFloyd's Pro Cycling2
30BOWDEN ScottTeam BridgeLane1
1ALMEIDA JoãoHagens Berman Axeon 18:48:35
2HOEHN AlexAevolo10:01
3LÓPEZ Juan PedroTrek - Segafredo11:52
4VERMAERKE KevinHagens Berman Axeon15:52
5ANDERSON EdwardHagens Berman Axeon22:38
6VOLLMER AndrewAevolo23:00
7BAUER DominikDauner D&DQ-Akkon23:45
8SCHUNK ConorAevolo28:37
9ROJAS Gabriel FranciscoAevolo31:26
10BICKMORE CadeAevolo42:08
11LINDORFF TylerTeam BridgeLane43:10
12DEBEAUMARCHÉ NicolasTrek - Segafredo53:17
13THIBAULT Jean-DenisDCBank Pro Cycling Team58:33
14BRUNNER EricAevolo1:00:23
15MCGILL ScottAevolo1:01:49
16DAVIS ColeHagens Berman Axeon1:05:28
17VODICKA CamdenWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis1:06:30
18GULLICKSON FinnWildlife Generation p/b Maxxis1:07:41
19REVARD ThomasHagens Berman Axeon1:11:44
20PALMA LeonelCanel's - Specialized1:16:10
21RODRIGUEZ AlfredoElevate - KHS Pro Cycling1:20:09
1EF Education First 56:35:03
2Israel Cycling Academy2:45
3Trek - Segafredo5:54
4Rally UHC Cycling13:20
5Hagens Berman Axeon20:31
6Floyd's Pro Cycling24:22
7Neri Sottoli - Selle Italia - KTM26:23
9Team BridgeLane40:05
11Canel's - Specialized59:55
12DCBank Pro Cycling Team1:02:06
13Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling1:09:30
14Nippo Vini Fantini Faizanè1:14:03
15Arapahoe - Hincapie p/b BMC2:02:13
16Dauner D&DQ-Akkon2:21:08
17Wildlife Generation p/b Maxxis2:29:45

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