Utah: Sepp Kuss attacks over Mount Nebo to take stage 2, race lead

Sepp Kuss (LottoNL-Jumbo) attacked solo from 45 kilometers to go on the lower slopes of Mount Nebo, climbed up to and through members of the day’s breakaway, and held onto his lead on the descent into Payson to take stage 2 of the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah by…

Photo: Casey B. Gibson

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Sepp Kuss (LottoNL-Jumbo) attacked solo from 45 kilometers to go on the lower slopes of Mount Nebo, climbed up to and through members of the day’s breakaway, and held onto his lead on the descent into Payson to take stage 2 of the Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah by 29 seconds. Kuss, who started the day 13 seconds back in the general classification, also took the 10-second time bonus, which puts him into the yellow jersey by 21 seconds.

Kuss’s teammate, Neilson Powless, attacked a chasing group of 12 with less than a kilometer to go to finish second on the stage and retain his best young rider’s jersey. He also moved into second overall. Tejay van Garderen (BMC Racing) dropped to third overall, 25 seconds back from Kuss.

Sepp Kuss wins stage 2 of the Tour of Utah after a long breakaway over the Mount Nebo climb. Photo: Casey B. Gibson | www.cbgphoto.com

How it unfolded

After several attempts by different riders to establish a breakaway, and with some 70 miles to race, a group containing Evan Huffman (Rally), Edward Anderson (Hagens Berman Axeon), Sam Bassetti (Elevate-KHS), Cormac Mcgeough (Jelly Belly), Michael Hernandez (Aevolo), and Griffin Easter (303 Project) forged ahead. The group slowly dragged their lead to 4:30 as they approached the second sprint line.

At the base of the day’s category 1 climb, Mount Nebo, the breakaway splintered, with several riders attacking and others counterattacking. Eventually, Easter passed everyone to jump into the lead. Meanwhile, in the peloton, BMC Racing set a steady tempo to control the ever-shrinking group from attacking, and keep GC leader Tejay van Garderen well protected.

Eventually, however, they could not control it anymore. Sepp Kuss (LottoNL-Jumbo) attacked and quickly bridged up to Easter. Behind, Michael Woods (EF Education First-Drapac), Peter Stetina (Trek-Segafredo), and Anderson launched from the group. Joe Dombrowski (EF Eduation First-Drapac) then bridged to his teammate. Minutes later he dropped him, setting off to try and drag back Kuss on his own.

With five kilometers to go to the KOM point, Kuss’s lead was out to 45 seconds over Dombrowski. Brent Bookwalter (BMC Racing) continued to push the pace for van Garderen, in a group of 12 total riders, including Woods, Stetina, Hugh Carthy (Education First-Drapac), Neilson Powless (LottoNL-Jumbo), Gavin Mannion (UnitedHealthcare), Ben Hermans (Israel Cycling Academy), Kyle Murphy (Rally), Luis Villalobos (Aevolo), Jack Haig (Mitchelton-Scott), and Keegan Swirbul (Jelly Belly).

Michael Woods and Education First-Drapac teammate Joe Dombrowski climb Mount Nebo. Photo: Casey B. Gibson | www.cbgphoto.com

Carthy then launched an attack and bridged to teammate Dombrowksi. Meanwhile, Powless, Mannion, Stetina, and Bookwalter were dropped.

At the KOM point, Kuss led by one minute over the EF pair. With 35 kilometers to go on the descent of Mount Nebo, that pair was absorbed by the chasing group containing van Garderen and others.

Soon after, Murphy, Villalobos, and Carthy attacked and extended a 10-second lead on the group, while Bookwalter, Powless, and Mannion rejoined the van Garderen group.

Kuss continued his solo time-trial ride across the rolling plateau atop Mount Nebo into a stiff headwind. With seven miles to go, the yellow jersey group of nine riders regrouped with the three chase riders. Moments later Woods crashed taking a righthand turn. He quickly remounted and started to chase.

With five kilometers to go, Kuss still held a one-minute lead, and he was able to power ahead to the win. Amid a flurry of attacks from the chasing group, Powless snuck away to sprint to second place.

The Larry H.Miller Tour of Utah Stage 2 Results

1KUSS SeppTeam LottoNL-Jumbo3:25:58
2POWLESS NeilsonTeam LottoNL-Jumbo0:29
3MURPHY KyleRally Cycling0:29
4VILLALOBOS LuisAevolo0:32
5HERMANS BenIsrael Cycling Academy0:32
6WOODS MichaelTeam EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale0:32
7BOOKWALTER BrentBMC Racing Team0:32
8HAIG JackMitchelton-Scott0:32
9MANNION GavinUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team0:32
10SWIRBUL KeeganJelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:32
11VAN GARDEREN TejayBMC Racing Team0:32
12DOMBROWSKI JoeTeam EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale0:32
13CARTHY HughTeam EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale0:32
14BENNETT SeanHagens Berman Axeon1:27
15BRITTON RobRally Cycling1:49
16STETINA PeterTrek - Segafredo1:49
17ROSSKOPF JoeyBMC Racing Team1:49
18BROWN NathanTeam EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale1:49
19HOEHN AlexAevolo3:34
20OVETT FreddyBMC Racing Team3:34
21LYONS AngusMobius-BridgeLane3:34
22FRAYRE EderElevate - KHS Pro Cycling3:34
23EASTER Griffin303Project3:34
24EISENHART TaylorHolowesko - Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources3:34
25JARAMILLO DanielUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team3:34
26ȚVETCOV SergheiUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team3:34
27ANDERSON EdwardHagens Berman Axeon3:34
28CONCI NicolaTrek - Segafredo3:34
29SANTAROMITA IvanNippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini3:34
30BURKE JackJelly Belly p/b Maxxis3:34
31ZUKOWSKY NickolasSilber Pro Cycling3:34
32HUFFMAN EvanRally Cycling3:34
33REVARD ThomasHagens Berman Axeon9:58
34RIES MichelTrek - Segafredo9:58
35NEWKIRK Isaiah303Project10:13
36ORONTE EmersonRally Cycling10:13
37EASTER Cullen303Project10:13
38LIVINGSTONE PeterMobius-BridgeLane10:13
39FRANKINY KilianBMC Racing Team10:13
40HECHT GageAevolo12:04
41MASBOURIAN NicolasSilber Pro Cycling12:04
42SÁNCHEZ BrayanHolowesko - Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources12:04
43PLAZA RubénIsrael Cycling Academy12:04
44DE LUNA Flavio Alejandro303Project12:04
45FONT Bernat303Project12:04
46POWER RobertMitchelton-Scott12:04
47EENKHOORN PascalTeam LottoNL-Jumbo13:03
48ÁVILA EdwinIsrael Cycling Academy13:03
49HATSUYAMA ShoNippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini13:03
50PHILIPSEN JasperHagens Berman Axeon13:03
51DIDIER LaurentTrek - Segafredo13:03
52ISLAS FernandoAevolo15:20
53MAWDITT LionelJelly Belly p/b Maxxis16:27
54HAMILTON LucasMitchelton-Scott16:27
55CANTY BrendanTeam EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale16:27
56BROWN ConnorMobius-BridgeLane16:27
57PONZI SimoneNippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini16:27
58ROBERGE AdamSilber Pro Cycling16:27
59CIMA DamianoNippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini16:27
60EG NiklasTrek - Segafredo16:27
61FINSTERWALD RussellMobius-BridgeLane16:27
62ZIJLAARD MaikelHagens Berman Axeon20:02
63RAST GrégoryTrek - Segafredo20:02
64CIMA ImerioNippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini20:02
65CLARKE WillTeam EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale20:02
66CASTILLO Ulises AlfredoJelly Belly p/b Maxxis20:02
67SAGIV GuyIsrael Cycling Academy20:02
68BEWLEY SamMitchelton-Scott20:02
69BROWN JonnyHagens Berman Axeon20:02
70HAIDET LanceAevolo20:02
71HERNANDEZ MichaelAevolo20:02
72ACEVEDO JanierUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team20:02
73MCCABE TravisUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team20:02
74BACA Tony303Project20:02
75RICE MichaelHagens Berman Axeon20:02
76CLARKE JonathanUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team20:02
77SCHREURS HamishIsrael Cycling Academy20:02
78HAEDO Lucas SebastiánUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team20:02
79WYNANTS MaartenTeam LottoNL-Jumbo20:02
80MAAS JanTeam LottoNL-Jumbo20:02
81MARANGONI AlanNippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini20:02
82MCCULLOCH BrianElevate - KHS Pro Cycling20:02
83VANDALE DanickSilber Pro Cycling20:02
84LEWIS JoeHolowesko - Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources20:02
85BOUWMAN KoenTeam LottoNL-Jumbo20:02
86WILLIAMS TylerIsrael Cycling Academy20:02
87HOWES AlexTeam EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale20:02
88EVANS AlexanderBMC Racing Team20:02
89GERVAIS LaurentAevolo20:02
90CHEYNE JordanElevate - KHS Pro Cycling20:02
91MAGNER TyRally Cycling20:02
92CHRÉTIEN Charles-ÉtienneSilber Pro Cycling20:02
93OLIVIER DaanTeam LottoNL-Jumbo20:02
94JEAN ÉmileSilber Pro Cycling20:02
95REIJNEN KielTrek - Segafredo20:02
96COTÉ Pier-AndréSilber Pro Cycling20:02
97PATE DannyRally Cycling20:02
98ELLSAY NigelRally Cycling20:02
99MEYER CameronMitchelton-Scott20:02
100SHELDEN TaylorJelly Belly p/b Maxxis20:02
101KRASILNIKAU AndreiHolowesko - Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources20:02
102CHAVES BrayanMitchelton-Scott20:02
103BASSETTI SamElevate - KHS Pro Cycling20:02
104SCHMITT MorganHolowesko - Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources20:02
105WOLFE BenJelly Belly p/b Maxxis20:02
106COMPANIONI RubénHolowesko - Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources20:02
107LEMUS LuisIsrael Cycling Academy20:02
108MCGEOUGH CormacJelly Belly p/b Maxxis20:02
109COYLE JesseMobius-BridgeLane20:15
110SIMPSON GeorgeElevate - KHS Pro Cycling20:02
1KUSS SeppTeam LottoNL-Jumbo7:49:37
2POWLESS NeilsonTeam LottoNL-Jumbo0:21
3VAN GARDEREN TejayBMC Racing Team0:25
4MURPHY KyleRally Cycling0:37
5DOMBROWSKI JoeTeam EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale0:38
6MANNION GavinUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team0:38
7CARTHY HughTeam EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale0:38
8WOODS MichaelTeam EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale0:39
9HAIG JackMitchelton-Scott0:40
10BOOKWALTER BrentBMC Racing Team0:40
11HERMANS BenIsrael Cycling Academy0:42
12VILLALOBOS LuisAevolo0:50
13SWIRBUL KeeganJelly Belly p/b Maxxis0:52
14BENNETT SeanHagens Berman Axeon1:43
15ROSSKOPF JoeyBMC Racing Team1:46
16BROWN NathanTeam EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale1:53
17STETINA PeterTrek - Segafredo1:59
18BRITTON RobRally Cycling2:00
19HUFFMAN EvanRally Cycling3:37
20ȚVETCOV SergheiUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team3:38
21JARAMILLO DanielUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team3:41
22CONCI NicolaTrek - Segafredo3:45
23ZUKOWSKY NickolasSilber Pro Cycling3:48
24HOEHN AlexAevolo3:49
25LYONS AngusMobius-BridgeLane3:50
26BURKE JackJelly Belly p/b Maxxis3:52
27FRAYRE EderElevate - KHS Pro Cycling3:53
28EISENHART TaylorHolowesko - Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources3:54
29SANTAROMITA IvanNippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini3:55
30ANDERSON EdwardHagens Berman Axeon3:58
31EASTER Griffin303Project5:08
32REVARD ThomasHagens Berman Axeon10:10
33FRANKINY KilianBMC Racing Team10:27
34NEWKIRK Isaiah303Project10:40
35ORONTE EmersonRally Cycling10:44
36LIVINGSTONE PeterMobius-BridgeLane10:49
37RIES MichelTrek - Segafredo10:49
38EASTER Cullen303Project10:54
39PLAZA RubénIsrael Cycling Academy12:14
40HECHT GageAevolo12:17
41MASBOURIAN NicolasSilber Pro Cycling12:18
42POWER RobertMitchelton-Scott12:21
43SÁNCHEZ BrayanHolowesko - Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources12:28
44DE LUNA Flavio Alejandro303Project12:35
45FONT Bernat303Project12:38
46EENKHOORN PascalTeam LottoNL-Jumbo13:07
47HATSUYAMA ShoNippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini13:40
48ÁVILA EdwinIsrael Cycling Academy13:42
49CANTY BrendanTeam EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale16:35
50HAMILTON LucasMitchelton-Scott16:46
51EG NiklasTrek - Segafredo16:47
52CIMA DamianoNippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini16:55
53BROWN ConnorMobius-BridgeLane16:59
54FINSTERWALD RussellMobius-BridgeLane17:09
55PONZI SimoneNippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini17:17
56MCCABE TravisUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team19:54
57BOUWMAN KoenTeam LottoNL-Jumbo20:08
58REIJNEN KielTrek - Segafredo20:10
59MAAS JanTeam LottoNL-Jumbo20:12
60ELLSAY NigelRally Cycling20:15
61ACEVEDO JanierUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team20:16
62MEYER CameronMitchelton-Scott20:16
63CASTILLO Ulises AlfredoJelly Belly p/b Maxxis20:19
64COMPANIONI RubénHolowesko - Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources20:19
65OVETT FreddyBMC Racing Team20:19
66WYNANTS MaartenTeam LottoNL-Jumbo20:22
67CHEYNE JordanElevate - KHS Pro Cycling20:22
68OLIVIER DaanTeam LottoNL-Jumbo20:24
69CHRÉTIEN Charles-ÉtienneSilber Pro Cycling20:25
70CLARKE JonathanUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team20:26
71CLARKE WillTeam EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale20:27
72BASSETTI SamElevate - KHS Pro Cycling20:27
73VANDALE DanickSilber Pro Cycling20:29
74RICE MichaelHagens Berman Axeon20:29
75BACA Tony303Project20:31
76EVANS AlexanderBMC Racing Team20:31
77SCHREURS HamishIsrael Cycling Academy20:32
78BROWN JonnyHagens Berman Axeon20:33
79CIMA ImerioNippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini20:41
80HAEDO Lucas SebastiánUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team20:43
81SIMPSON GeorgeElevate - KHS Pro Cycling21:38
82HOWES AlexTeam EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale21:40
83WOLFE BenJelly Belly p/b Maxxis22:23
84MARANGONI AlanNippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini22:23
85LEMUS LuisIsrael Cycling Academy22:24
86SHELDEN TaylorJelly Belly p/b Maxxis22:26
87CHAVES BrayanMitchelton-Scott22:57
88PHILIPSEN JasperHagens Berman Axeon29:34
89DIDIER LaurentTrek - Segafredo30:02
90MAWDITT LionelJelly Belly p/b Maxxis31:35
91ISLAS FernandoAevolo32:02
92WILLIAMS TylerIsrael Cycling Academy36:33
93COTÉ Pier-AndréSilber Pro Cycling36:34
94JEAN ÉmileSilber Pro Cycling36:37
95BEWLEY SamMitchelton-Scott36:37
96MCGEOUGH CormacJelly Belly p/b Maxxis36:37
97RAST GrégoryTrek - Segafredo36:45
98KRASILNIKAU AndreiHolowesko - Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources36:47
99HERNANDEZ MichaelAevolo36:49
100SAGIV GuyIsrael Cycling Academy36:50
101HAIDET LanceAevolo37:00
102MCCULLOCH BrianElevate - KHS Pro Cycling37:11
103ROBERGE AdamSilber Pro Cycling37:49
104SCHMITT MorganHolowesko - Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources41:39
105MAGNER TyRally Cycling41:39
106PATE DannyRally Cycling41:41
107ZIJLAARD MaikelHagens Berman Axeon41:42
108LEWIS JoeHolowesko - Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources41:44
109GERVAIS LaurentAevolo41:51
110COYLE JesseMobius-BridgeLane41:54
1POWLESS NeilsonTeam LottoNL-Jumbo7:49:58
2VILLALOBOS LuisAevolo0:29
3BENNETT SeanHagens Berman Axeon1:22
4CONCI NicolaTrek - Segafredo3:24
5ZUKOWSKY NickolasSilber Pro Cycling3:27
6HOEHN AlexAevolo3:28
7LYONS AngusMobius-BridgeLane3:29
8ANDERSON EdwardHagens Berman Axeon3:37
9REVARD ThomasHagens Berman Axeon9:49
10LIVINGSTONE PeterMobius-BridgeLane10:28
11RIES MichelTrek - Segafredo10:28
12HECHT GageAevolo11:56
13EENKHOORN PascalTeam LottoNL-Jumbo12:46
14HAMILTON LucasMitchelton-Scott16:25
15BROWN ConnorMobius-BridgeLane16:38
16MAAS JanTeam LottoNL-Jumbo19:51
17CHRÉTIEN Charles-ÉtienneSilber Pro Cycling20:04
18RICE MichaelHagens Berman Axeon20:08
19EVANS AlexanderBMC Racing Team20:10
20BROWN JonnyHagens Berman Axeon20:12
21CIMA ImerioNippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini20:20
22CHAVES BrayanMitchelton-Scott22:36
23PHILIPSEN JasperHagens Berman Axeon29:13
24ISLAS FernandoAevolo31:41
25COTÉ Pier-AndréSilber Pro Cycling36:13
26MCGEOUGH CormacJelly Belly p/b Maxxis36:16
27HERNANDEZ MichaelAevolo36:28
28HAIDET LanceAevolo36:39
29ROBERGE AdamSilber Pro Cycling37:28
30ZIJLAARD MaikelHagens Berman Axeon41:21
31GERVAIS LaurentAevolo41:30
1OLIVIER DaanTeam LottoNL-Jumbo13
2KUSS SeppTeam LottoNL-Jumbo10
3MAWDITT LionelJelly Belly p/b Maxxis10
4CARTHY HughTeam EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale9
5DOMBROWSKI JoeTeam EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale7
6HUFFMAN EvanRally Cycling7
7MURPHY KyleRally Cycling6
8SIMPSON GeorgeElevate - KHS Pro Cycling6
9WOODS MichaelTeam EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale5
10JARAMILLO DanielUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team5
11FRAYRE EderElevate - KHS Pro Cycling5
12HAIG JackMitchelton-Scott4
13EASTER Griffin303Project4
14BOOKWALTER BrentBMC Racing Team3
15SWIRBUL KeeganJelly Belly p/b Maxxis2
1MCCABE TravisUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team20
2KUSS SeppTeam LottoNL-Jumbo15
3POWLESS NeilsonTeam LottoNL-Jumbo15
4MURPHY KyleRally Cycling14
5CASTILLO Ulises AlfredoJelly Belly p/b Maxxis13
6BOOKWALTER BrentBMC Racing Team11
7ÁVILA EdwinIsrael Cycling Academy10
9HERMANS BenIsrael Cycling Academy6
10REIJNEN KielTrek - Segafredo6
11SIMPSON GeorgeElevate - KHS Pro Cycling5
12WOODS MichaelTeam EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale5
13CIMA DamianoNippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini5
14HAIG JackMitchelton-Scott3
15HUFFMAN EvanRally Cycling3
16PONZI SimoneNippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini3
17MCGEOUGH CormacJelly Belly p/b Maxxis3
18MANNION GavinUnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team2
19BOUWMAN KoenTeam LottoNL-Jumbo2
20SWIRBUL KeeganJelly Belly p/b Maxxis1
21OLIVIER DaanTeam LottoNL-Jumbo1
22RICE MichaelHagens Berman Axeon1
23HERNANDEZ MichaelAevolo1
1Team EF Education First-Drapac p/b Cannondale 23:30:42
2BMC Racing Team0:51
3Rally Cycling4:29
4UnitedHealthcare Pro Cycling Team6:04
5Team LottoNL-Jumbo11:51
6Hagens Berman Axeon13:49
7Trek - Segafredo13:59
9Jelly Belly p/b Maxxis19:38
11Israel Cycling Academy24:21
14Silber Pro Cycling30:50
15Nippo - Vini Fantini - Europa Ovini32:24
16Holowesko - Citadel p/b Arapahoe Resources34:39
17Elevate - KHS Pro Cycling42:26

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