Velocio Merino Concept jersey and Concept bibs review

Merino blend jersey in a modern cut paired with the best of Velocio’s new fly-free design bibs


Jersey: warm, light, modern silhouette; Bibs: comfortable, excellent strap design


Jersey: a little rough, as to be expected from wool; Bibs: none!

Size Reviewed






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Velocio is known for high quality kit, and the brand did not disappoint with the Concept line. The $289 Women’s Concept Bib Shorts are compressive, light, and warm enough to maintain heat on cooler rides without creating a clammy feeling. The $189 Merino Concept Jersey is a perfect update on the classic wool affair, with a longer sleeve, slimming torso, elastic blend to add stretch, and a reflective design on the rear pockets.

Velocio Women’s Concept Merino Jersey

The jersey pockets are generous enough to hold a rolled thermal jacket. The sewing pattern is supportive and the elastic does its job – the jersey doesn’t tug at my neck even with a lot of weight and bulk in the pockets. 

The zipper also resists pulling open on its own. Some zippers (Biehler, I’m looking at you) slip when opened halfway, but the Merino Concept jersey stays where I put it. I am also grateful for the water-resistant zipper pocket, which has a reasonably-sized pull for a pocket zip, instead of a tiny one you need to fumble for, especially with gloved hands. 

The only downside on the Merino Concept is the texture of Merino wool itself. It is a bit rough, and as such may take a moment to get used to against the skin. That same texture also catches more lint or hair that brushes than a sleeker blend with more polyester in it, so keep that in mind when you pet the farm cat on your lunch ride stop – or if the dog says goodbye before you leave your house. 

While it is wool, it’s much softer than the wool of yesteryear, and the elastic content lets it stretch instead of drag over your body. Keep in mind, it’s not that much stretch. I would normally have ordered an XS, in line with older Velocio jerseys I own; luckily I’m the same height and weight as their model pictured in a small, so I ordered a size up. No regrets. 

It’s worth a note that Velocio shares their model’s height, weight, and clothing size on the website. I wish more brands did the same, as it saved me in this case.

Velocio Women’s Concept Bib Short

The Concept bibs are the pinnacle of the Velocio line, and you can tell in the impeccable low-profile stitching. Fine stitching on tight-fitting athletic garments makes a world of difference, improving both the comfort and longevity of the garment over a sloppier stitch: thick seams can cause chafing, depending on where the seam is positioned.

The Velocio Concept bibs are my new favorite bibs – that is above and beyond even the Giordana NX-Gs that cost a small fortune, or my darling Ostroy. The fabric is compressive in all the right places, the leg bands feel barely-there, and the chamois is wide and dense without feeling like a diaper, and they’re the right length for my long legs on long rides. They fall mid thigh, a bit shorter than a 11-inch-inseam pair, but not as short as a 8-inch inseams (like, say, Shebeest Petunia shorts), which look dangerously short on someone my height (5’11”). 

The shoulder straps are as wide and comfortable as the leg bands and the best part is they have Velocio’s newest fly-free technology, which means nature breaks are easier than ever. The arch over the shoulders removes any of the fidgeting to get the straps to lay flat that might occur with the cross-strap design. No need to take my jersey half off and hold it and all the pockets closed with one hand. The bibs had no downside for me. They didn’t make my coffee, that’s about it. 

Velocio Concept kit verdict

Overall, the kit excels on cool or damp fall and spring rides, and the bibs are good year-round in temperate climates. Both are great for long rides – the jersey can both insulate and dry quickly, while the bibs are both compressive and have nature-break functionality. Honestly, this is one of the best kits available for women right now.

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