Superfood Thanksgiving recipes for cyclists

Give your Turkey Day feast a nutritious boost with these seasonal superfood dishes.

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Yes! If it is fall and you are reading this, then you’re good at bikes, always wanting to get better, and interested in eating well, right? And maybe you’re worried about the holidays undoing some of your hard-earned gains. Am I close? Well, don’t worry — I’ve got you.

One way to get better at cycling — or skiing, running, or whatever your endurance thrill may be — is to simply embrace the holidays, enjoy time with family and friends while actually putting effort into “recovering.” All of this while restoring energy, your love for the sport, and connecting with those who support or at least put up with you all year long.

First, let’s dress up the thing you bring the next time the invite says “bring something.” Here are some super easy and elegant dishes from our friends at Better Nutrition.

Each dish can easily be adjusted to your own preferences or nutritional needs. Just don’t skimp on the finishing colors and flourishes that show off your creativity and off-bike skills. Enjoy!

Superfood Thanksgiving Recipes

Zucchini bites

Zucchini bites with quinoa, pomegranates, and pumpkin seeds

This easy, low-starch take on stuffed squash features ready-to-eat quinoa and fast-cooking zucchini for a vegetable-heavy, colorful app. Or substitute delicata squash for the zucchini for a more traditional winter squash dish.

Crispy Brussels sprouts leaves

Crispy Brussels sprouts leaves with sweet and spicy hemp hearts

This simple, pretty recipe roasts just the leaves of Brussels sprouts for a crispy, delicious Thanksgiving side. It’s topped with pre-made sweet and spicy hemp hearts for extra flavor and nutrition.

Root and baru seed stuffing

Rustic root and baru seed grain-free stuffing

This nutrient-packed stuffing skips the bread and does double-duty as a roasted root vegetable dish.

Slice of matcha frangipane tart

Matcha frangipane tart with cranberries and pistachios

This superfoods riff on the traditional frangipane tart adds matcha green tea powder to an almond-paste filling, and swaps almond flour for the crust, with coconut sugar and coconut oil standing in for white sugar and butter.

Next, while there is absolutely no shortage of delicious carbs and sweets over the holidays, let’s find balance with some keto friendly and low carb options to balance out the universe. Of course, as with all things food, make any adjustments to your needs, and let’s make sure that you’re awake for the full-contact family football game or 12-hour Monopoly session ahead.

Keto Thanksgiving Recipes

Mashed cauliflower

Garlicky mashed “potatoes”

Keto-friendly cauliflower stands in for potatoes in this creamy, indulgent dish; barely cooked garlic adds a robust, pungent flavor.

Mushroom-shallot gravy

Mushroom-shallot gravy

For an earthier flavor, use dried or fresh porcinis, shiitakes, morels, or other wild mushrooms for all or part of the crimini mushrooms.

Brussels sprouts with bacon and hazelnuts

Crispy Brussels sprouts and bacon with hazelnuts

This dish is easy to do as a meat-free side; just swap in vegan bacon substitute.

Spinach au gratin

Spinach au gratin

Low-carb spinach gets a creamy, indulgent take in this keto-friendly version of traditional spinach au gratin.

Pecan pie mini cheesecakes

Pecan pie mini cheesecakes

Make this dessert the night before the big event, and remove from pan just before serving.

Chef Biju Thomas is Outside’s resident chef and the co-author of the Feed Zone cookbooks with Dr. Allen Lim.

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