Things to give and receive: Torq nutrition

Great tasting and long-lasting fuel in fun flavors like rhubarb custard and raspberry ripple.

Photo: Greg Kaplan

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I had never heard of Torq products until I was at a week-long cycling escapade in Asheville, North Carolina. On daily rides where the group is climbing about 100 feet per mile ridden, staying fueled is a priority.

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And at the onset of a week of 90- to 110-mile days when I’m not accustomed to riding such big miles, I am sure to have ready access to two things: ample anti-chafe application, and on-the-bike nutrition. Plenty of both are highly recommended.

The Torq hydration mix dissolves quickly and completely and is claimed to be absorbed rapidly, too. The taste is smooth and GI distress is never a worry, which is a nice bonus. (Photo: Greg Kaplan)
The Torq carbohydrate drink offers some calories in an easily absorbed mix. (Photo: Greg Kaplan)

The Torq hydration formula offers 150cal, 275mg sodium, and 65mg of potassium per serving. While the caloric content was ample, I found the salt and electrolytes to be most helpful in the smooth and easy-to-drink mix. On days when I want to take in my calories in food form, the lighter mix, with 65cal/serving was an excellent option. It also has a nice mouthfeel, and excellent taste in orange and lemon-lime flavors.

Torq drink mixes come with a scoop sized to deliver the recommended amount of mix that corresponds to the 500ml indicator on the Torq bottle. (Photo: Greg Kaplan)

The drink mixes come with handy scoops to property dispense a precise amount of mix into a clearly-marked bottle.

The Torq energy gels ($33.75/15 gels) provide 29g of carbs each, and the flavors are fun; I thought I’d hate the rhubarb custard and raspberry ripple, but as it turns out, what I have left of a package is the strawberry yogurt flavor.

Until I tasted these gels for the first time, Skratch green tea/matcha chews ($23.50/10 packs) had been my favorite, easily-accessed, portable mid-ride snack.

The Torq mango chews ($33.75/15 chews) offer nearly the same calories and carbs as the chews, but with the added benefit of a solid food hitting my stomach to make me feel slightly more sated. When I want to treat myself mid- or post-ride, the Torq Organic Ginger Cake Flapjack bars ($54/20 bars) just might be the tastiest — and priciest — sports nutrition I’ve tried. The 265cal bars offer 43g of carbs and 200mg of sodium.

The Torq Flapjacks are quite tasty, while the chews come in unusual — and fun — flavors, too. (Photo: Greg Kaplan)

Also, did I mention they taste awesome?

At more than half a Benjamin Franklin for a box of 20, I plan to hide them from the guest riders I host from time to time at home — so that I can gift them as race primes.

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